Yuri Gagarin Quiz Questions

1)  What is the full name of Gagarin?
A) Yuri Alekseyevich
B) Yuri Vostok Gagarin
C) Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin
D) Yuri Khrunov Gagarin
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2)  How old was Gagarini when he died?
A) 34
B) 32
C) 28
D) 56
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3)  What is the nationality of Gagarin?
A) Persian
B) American
C) Italian
D) Russian
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4)  What was Gagarin's rank in the Soviet Air Forces?
A) Lieutenant
B) Colonel
C) Captain
D) Head Pilot
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5)  What was the Gagarin's only spaceflight?
A) Vostok 1
B) Soyuz 1
C) MiG-15
D) MiG-15UTI
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6)  what was the training jet that Gagarin piloted and crashed in 1968?
A) Soyuz 1
B) Vostok 1
C) MiG-15
D) Vostok 3
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7)  How many siblings did Yuri have?
A) 1
B) 7
C) 5
D) 3
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8)  When did Gagaring completed an orbit of the Earth?
A) April 12, 1961
B) April 12, 1960
C) April 12, 1951
D) April 12, 1971
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9)  What was the medal awarded in honor of Gagarin?
A) Cosmonautics Day Award
B) Kosmonaut Yuri Gagarin
C) Space Medal
D) Yuri Gagarin Medal
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10)  What was the vocational course that Gagarin took and finished in 1951?
A) farming
B) moldmaking and foundry-work
C) carpentry
D) bricklayering
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11)  Where was Gagarin sent after graduating from the technical school in 1955?
A) Chkalov Air Force Pilot's School in Orenburg
B) Soviet space program
C) Murmansk Oblast
D) Soviet Air Forces
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12)  When did Gagarin received the rank of Senior Lieutenant in Soviet Air Forces?
A) November 6, 1969
B) November 16, 1959
C) October 6, 1959
D) November 6, 1959
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13)  What was Russia's highest honour which was awarded to Gagarin?
A) Pilot of the Soviet Union
B) Hero of the Soviet Union
C) Greatest Pilot of the Soviet Union
D) Spaceman of the Soviet Union
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14)  What was the elite training group where Gagarin was further selected after joining the Soviet space program?
A) Vostok 1
B) MiG-15
C) Sochi Six
D) Vostok 3KA-3
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15)  What was Gagarin's call sign during his rocket launching?
A) Kedr
B) Keap
C) Kall
D) Kap
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16)  What was Gagarin's informal reply during the rocket launch that became a historical phrase in the Eastern Bloc?
A) Kea
B) Motherland hears
C) poyekhali!
D) intermediate
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17)  Where was Gagarin baptized as a child?
A) Roman Catholic
B) Hinduism
C) Islam
D) Orthodox Church
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18)  Who made the announcement of Gagarin's flight in the Soviet radio?
A) Yuri Levitan
B) Yevgeniy Dolmatovsky
C) Nikita Khrushchev
D) Valentina Ivanovna Goryacheva
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19)  When did Gagarin become deputy training director of the Star City cosmonaut training base?
A) December 20, 1973
B) December 20, 1963
C) December 10, 1963
D) December 20, 1960
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20)  Who was the flight instructor that was with Gagarin when he crashed and died upon boarding MiG-15UTI?
A) Murmansk Oblast
B) Yuri Levitan
C) Vladimir Seryogin
D) Nikita Khrushchev
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