Tokyo Skytree Quiz Questions

1)  Where is the Tokyo Skytree located?
A) Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
B) Fukuda, Japan
C) Tokyo Metropolis
D) Osaka, Japan
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2)  What company owns the Tokyo Skytree?
A) Tobu Tower Skytree Co., Ltd.
B) Tobu Railway
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3)  When was the Tokyo Skytree's construction completed?
A) Feb. 19, 2012
B) Feb. 29, 2010
C) Feb. 29, 2012
D) March 29, 2012
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4)  What was the tower that was displaced by Tokyo Skytree as the tallest tower in the world in March 2011?
A) Burj Khalifa
B) Canton Tower
C) Twin Towers
D) Oshiage
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5)  When was the design of Tokyo Skytree published?
A) Nov. 24, 2006
B) Nov. 24, 2009
C) Nov. 24, 2010
D) Nov. 14, 2006
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6)  When was the Tokyo Skytree opened?
A) May 12, 2012
B) May 22, 2010
C) May 22, 2012
D) May 27, 2012
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7)  Who is the architect of Tokyo Skytree?
A) Aoki Mizuho
B) Nikken Sekkei
C) Yoree Koh
D) Hiroko Nakata
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8)  What is the official colour of the exterior lattice of Tokyo Skytree called?
A) Skytree Gold
B) Skytree Blue
C) Skytree White
D) Skytree Yellow
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9)  How many illumination patterns does the Tokyo Skytree have?
A) 2
B) 1
C) 5
D) 4
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10)  What was the 2nd most popular name of the tower voted after the "Tokyo Skytree"?
A) Rising tower
B) Tokyo Edo Tower
C) Dream lookout
D) Clear Sky
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11)  What are used to illuminate the Tokyo Skytree?
A) water
B) fountain
C) bulbs
D) LED lights
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12)  When did the ceremony to mark the start of construction of Tokyo Skytree happen?
A) July 14, 2000
B) July 14, 2008
C) July 24, 2008
D) July 27, 2008
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13)  What company was the main contractor of Tokyo Skytree?
A) Obayashi Corp.
B) Tobu Railway
C) Nikken Sekkei
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14)  How many visitors were there during the first week upon opening of the Tokyo Skytree according to Tobu?
A) 1 million
B) 2.6 million
C) 1.6 million
D) 0.6 million
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15)  When was the illumination design of Tokyo Skytree published?
A) October 16, 2009
B) October 16, 2010
C) October 26, 2009
D) October 16, 2010
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16)  What company was the developer of Tokyo Skytree?
A) Obayashi Corp.
B) Miyabi
C) Tobu Railway
D) Tsushima Omega
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17)  What was the cost of the construction of Tokyo Skytree?
A) 65 million JPY
B) 65 billion JPY
C) US$65 billion
D) US$65 million
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18)  What was the broadcasting company that headed in the development of Tokyo Skytree along with Tobu Railway?
A) Omega
D) Tobu
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19)  What was the design used in the Tokyo Skytree to protect it against earthquake?
A) earthquake-proof
B) Iki
C) Miyabi
D) seismic proofing
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20)  How many floors does the Tokyo Skytree have?
A) 30
B) 29
C) 13
D) 15
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