Taj Mahal Quiz Questions

1)  What is the English translation of Taj Mahal?
A) Crown of Palaces
B) Palace of Rings
C) Persian Palaces
D) Palaces of Princess
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2)  Who was the architect of Taj Mahal?
A) Ustad Ahmad Lahauri
B) Mumtaz Mahal
C) Shah Jahan
D) Yamuna
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3)  When was the Taj Mahal declared a winner of the New7Wonders of the World (2000–2007) initiative?
A) 2010
B) 2005
C) 2011
D) 2007
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4)  Where is the Taj Mahal located?
A) Agra, India
B) Mumbai, India
C) Rabindranath Tagore
D) Delhi, India
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5)  Who was the Persian wife of the Mughal emperor whom the Taj Mahal was built for?
A) Gauhara Begum
B) Mumtaz Mahal
C) Gur-e Amir
D) Jama Masjid
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6)  Who was the Mughal emperor that commissioned the building of Taj Mahal?
A) Gur-e Amir
B) Rabindranath Tagore
C) Shah Jahan
D) Ustad Ahmad Lahauri
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7)  What is the Taj Mahal made of?
A) diamonds
B) white topaz
C) ivory-white marble
D) ores and cement
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8)  When was the Taj Mahal designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
A) 1985
B) 1997
C) 1983
D) 1993
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9)  What is the central focus of the entire complex of the Taj Mahal?
A) chamber
B) tomb
C) garden
D) pishtaq
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10)  What is set around the Taj Mahal which covers around 300 sq. meter?
A) lake
B) forest
C) maze
D) Mughal garden
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11)  When was the Taj Mahal completed?
A) 1955
B) 1950
C) 1643
D) 1940
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12)  What is the arch-shaped doorway that is in the tomb inside the Taj Mahal?
A) pishtaq
B) plinth
C) iwan
D) finial
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13)  What time does the Taj Mahal grounds open?
A) 6:00 AM
B) 10:00 AM
C) 8:00 AM
D) 11:00 AM
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14)  What is the estimated cost of Taj Mahal as per 2015?
A) US$820 million
B) US$700 million
C) US$827 million
D) US$800 million
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15)  What is the marble water tank called found halfway between the tomb and gateway in the center of the garden of Taj Mahal?
A) charbagh
B) al Hawd al-Kawthar
C) plinth
D) pishtaq
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16)  How many years did the plinth and tomb of the Taj Mahal took roughly to complete?
A) 12
B) 9
C) 10
D) 5
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17)  Who was the writer that referred Taj Mahal in his book, Badshahnama, as rauza-i munawwara, meaning the illumined or illustrious tomb?
A) Jean-Baptiste Tavernier
B) Abdul Hamid Lahauri
C) Aurangzeb
D) Mahtab Bagh
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18)  Who was the British viceroy that ordered a sweeping restoration project of Taj Mahal in 1900s?
A) Jean-Baptiste Tavernier
B) Lord Baptiste
C) Gur-e Amir
D) Lord Curzon
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19)  What was implemented by the Indian government to prevent pollution around Taj Mahal?
A) Anti-Pollution Danger Zone
B) Taj Trapezium Zone
C) Taj Pollution Zone
D) none
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20)  What is the small town located south of Taj Mahal that was constructed to cater the needs of visitors and workmen?
A) Gur-e Amir
B) Jama Masjid
C) Abdul Haq
D) Taj Ganji
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