Shahid Afridi Quiz Questions

1)  What is the full name of Shahid Afridi?
A) Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi
B) Sahibzada Khan Afridi
C) Sahibzada Shahid Mohammad Khan Afridi
D) Mohammad Afridi
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2)  Who did Afridi took over as Twenty20 captain in June 2009?
A) Corey Anderson
B) Mohsin Khan
C) Javed Afridi
D) Younus Khan
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3)  What was Afridi's team where he played captain during the Pakistan Super League?
A) Pakistan T20
B) Peshawar Zalmi
C) Sydney Thunder
D) Habib Bank Limited
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4)  What is the sport of Afridi?
A) baseball
B) tennis
C) cricket
D) basketball
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5)  How many daughters does Afridi have?
A) 5
B) 1
C) none
D) 4
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6)  What is the nickname of Afridi?
A) Lala
B) Shaha
C) Shasha
D) Shafridi
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7)  How old was Afridi when he was drafted into the ODI team during the four-nation Sameer Cup 1996–97 as a leg spinner?
A) 15
B) 10
C) 12
D) 16
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8)  What is the nationality of Afridi?
A) Pakistani
B) Indian
C) Iranian
D) Persian
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9)  When was Afridi born?
A) March 11, 1980
B) March 1, 1980
C) May 1, 1980
D) March 1, 1985
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10)  What is the current team of Afridi as of 2015?
A) Melbourne Renegades
B) Southern Redbacks
C) Griqualand West
D) Pakistan T20 cricket team
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11)  When was Afridi named among world's most charitable athletes by Do Something?
A) August 2014
B) August 2015
C) April 2015
D) August 2005
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12)  How old was Afridi when he became the youngest player to score an ODI century?
A) 16 years and 217 days
B) 16 years and 200 days
C) 17 years and 217 days
D) 15 years and 217 days
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13)  What is Afridi's foundation called?
A) Lala Foundation
B) Cricket Foundation
C) Shahid Afridi Foundation
D) Boom Boom Foundation
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14)  When was Afridi caught on camera biting into the ball towards the end of the 5th Commonwealth Bank ODI series in Australia?
A) January 31, 2011
B) January 31, 2010
C) January 21, 2010
D) January 11, 2010
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15)  What is the batting style of Afridi?
A) left-handed
B) left arm
C) left leg
D) right-handed
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16)  How many times did Afridi won the Most Stylish Sportsperson by Lux Style Awards?
A) 1
B) 5
C) 4
D) 2
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17)  What is Afridi's team in the Australia’s Twenty20 Big Bash league?
A) Melbourne Renegades
B) Sydney Thunder
C) Dhaka Gladiators
D) Deccan Chargers
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18)  What was the film where Afridi appeared?
A) Shahid Afridi Biography
B) Main Hoon Shahid Afridi
C) Afridi Bio
D) Shahid Afridi Hoon
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19)  How tall is Afridi?
A) 7 feet
B) 6 feet
C) 6 feet 5 inches
D) 6 feet 7 inches
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20)  Who is Shahid Afridi's cousin that owned the Peshawar Zalmi?
A) Roshan Afridi
B) Bob Afridi
C) Javed Afridi
D) Shah Afridi
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