Mohammad Shtayyeh Quiz Questions

1)  What is full name of 'Mohammad Shtayyeh' ?
A) Mohammad Ibrahim Shtayyeh
B) Mohammad Abdhulla Shtayyeh
C) Mohammad Shtayyeh Sheikh
D) Mohammad Nazar Shtayyeh
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2)  Birth year of Mohammad Shtayyeh ?
A) 1957
B) 1956
C) 1958
D) 1954
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3)  Where did Mohammad Shtayyeh studied his bachelor's degree ?
A) Islamic University of Gaza
B) Birzeit University
C) Al-Quds University
D) Arab American University
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4)  Which political party Mohammad Shtayyeh belongs to ?
A) Hamas
B) Palestinian People's Party
C) Palestinian National Initiative
D) Palestinian National Liberation Movement
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5)  When did Mohammad Shtayyeh became prime minister of Palestine ?
A) May 2019
B) June 2019
C) March 2019
D) April 2019
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