Mohammad Rizwan Quiz Questions

1)  Birth date of cricketer Mohammad Rizwan ?
A) 4th June 1992
B) 1st July 1992
C) 4th July 1992
D) 1st June 1992
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2)  In which year cricketer Mohammad Rizwan played his first International match ?
A) 2015
B) 2014
C) 2016
D) 2013
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3)  In which college cricketer Mohammad Rizwan studied ?
A) Islamia College Peshawar
B) Lahore University of Management Sciences
C) International Islamic University Islamabad
D) University of Peshawar
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4)  Against which team Mohammad Rizwan made his One Day International (ODI) debut ?
A) Bangladesh
B) India
C) Sri Lanka
D) Australia
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5)  Against which team Mohammad Rizwan made his Test debut ?
A) India
B) Bangladesh
C) Australia
D) New Zeland
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