Linkedin Quiz Questions

1)  When was the LinkedIn launched?
A) May 5, 2003
B) May 5, 2004
C) May 6, 2003
D) May 5, 2011
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2)  How many languages does LinkedIn have?
A) 24
B) 30
C) 22
D) 21
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3)  When did LinkedIn trade its first shares?
A) May 19, 2012
B) May 19, 2001
C) May 19, 2011
D) May 19, 2004
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4)  What was the NYSE symbol of LinkedIn when it had its first trade of share?
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5)  Where is the headquarters of LinkedIn?
A) Chattanooga, Tennessee
B) Mountain View, California
C) Santa Clara, California
D) San Bernardino, California
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6)  What is the slogan of LinkedIn?
A) Professions Matter
B) Get a Job
C) Relationships Matter
D) Build your Profession
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7)  How is the LinkedIn website written?
A) Java
C) C+
D) C++
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8)  Where did Jeff Weiner, LInkedIn's CEO, used to work before he developed the LinkedIn website?
A) Yahoo! Inc.
B) Google, Inc.
C) Twitter, Inc.
D) Facebook, Inc.
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9)  How much was the total investment of LinkedIn in January 2011?
A) 10 million
B) 113 million
C) 100 million
D) 103 million
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10)  Where did LinkedIn open its international headquarters in 2010?
A) Brampton, Ontario
B) Rugeley, Staffordshire
C) Dublin, Switzerland
D) Milton, Ontario
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11)  How much was it per share when LinkedIn traded its first shares?
A) $40
B) $45
C) $35
D) $63
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12)  As of 2013, what country has the fastest-growing network of users?
A) England
B) Scotland
C) India
D) Vietnam
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13)  When did the hacking of approximately 6.4 million LInkedIn user passwords happen?
A) 2011
B) 2013
C) 2009
D) 2012
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14)  What year did LinkedIn allowed businesses to list products and services on company profile pages?
A) 2010
B) 2011
C) 2013
D) 2014
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15)  What was the mobile app makes the LinkedIn acquired to scan business cards and convert contacts?
A) CardMunch
B) CardMore
C) CardMuch
D) Card&Munch
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16)  When did LinkedIn enable an "applications platform" that allows other online services to be embedded within a member's profile page?
A) October 2007
B) October 2010
C) October 2011
D) October 2008
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17)  What was the new feature added to LinkedIn that allows potential employees to apply for positions using their LinkedIn profiles as resumes?
A) Link with LinkedIn
B) Refer with LinkedIn
C) Apply with LinkedIn
D) Advertise with LinkedIn
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18)  What year did LinkedIn launch the LinkedIn DirectAds?
A) 2007
B) 2006
C) 2010
D) 2008
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19)  What was the search architecture launched by LinkedIn in 2014 which gives users access to the economic graph's data?
A) Galene
B) Alexa
C) Adwords
D) Grand
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20)  What was the feature droped in January 2013 to focus on development of new and more engaging ways to share and discuss professional topics across LinkedIn?
A) LinkedIn Apply
B) LinkedIn Answers
C) LinkedIn Shares
D) none of the above
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