Kerala Quiz Questions

1)  When was the state Kerala created ?
A) 1 November 1956
B) 1 November 1955
C) 1 November 1953
D) 1 November 1947
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2)  Which city is the capital of Kerala state ?
A) Cochi
B) Kollam
C) Thiruvananthapuram
D) Palakkad
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3)  How many districts are there in Kerala ?
A) 14
B) 12
C) 11
D) 15
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4)  What does the word 'Kerala' means ?
A) Land of Coconuts
B) Land of Mountains
C) Maountain People
D) Land of Malayalam
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5)  Kerala's economy is ?
A) 12th-largest in India
B) 6th-largest in India
C) 8th-largest in India
D) 7th-largest in India
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6)  Kerala is the ____ largest Indian state by area.
A) 22nd
B) 21st
C) 19th
D) 17th
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7)  Kerala is the ___ largest Indian state by population.
A) 11th
B) 12th
C) 13th
D) 14th
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8)  Which was the first prominent kingdom based in Kerala ?
A) Chera dynasty
B) Chola dynasty
C) Pandya dynasty
D) Kuvempu dynasty
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9)  In which century, Portuguese traders started arriving to Kerala for spice trading ?
A) 16th century
B) 12th century
C) 15th century
D) 11th century
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10)  What is the name of the short lived state which got created by uniting two major princely states (Thiruvithamkoor and Cochin) in Kerala in 1949 ?
A) Malabar State
B) Thiruvithamkoor State
C) Cochin State
D) Thiru-Kochi
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11)  Which king of the Vijayanagara Empire conquered the entire state of present day Kerala in around 1443 ?
A) King Krishnadevaraya
B) Achyuta Deva Raya
C) Viranarasimha Raya
D) Deva Raya II
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12)  When the municipality of Fort Kochi was established, making it the first municipality in the Indian subcontinent ?
A) 1772
B) 1664
C) 1553
D) 1766
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13)  In which year municipality of kozhikode and palakkad were created by British ?
A) 1866
B) 1877
C) 1856
D) 1882
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14)  What was the transport corporation existed in Kerala before KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) ?
A) Travancore State Road Transport Department
B) Cochin State Road Transport Department
C) Kollam State Road Transport Department
D) Palakkad State Road Transport Department
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15)  Which is the only city in Kerala have metro train ? (as of 2022)
A) Kochi
B) Kollam
C) Kottayam
D) Tiruvananthapuram
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