Judaism Quiz Questions

1)  From where the word 'Judaism' derived from ?
A) word 'Iudaismus' of Latin
B) word 'Iudaismus' of Hebrew
C) word 'Iudaismus' of Aramaic
D) word 'Iudaismus' of Armenian
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2)  Who is hailed as the father of the Jewish people ?
A) Terah
B) Jacob
C) Abraham
D) Haran
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3)  Name of God in Judaism ?
A) Juda
B) Yahweh
C) Jesus
D) Solomon
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4)  Who build first temple for Judaism ?
A) Abraham
B) Issac
C) Juda
D) Solomon
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5)  Who destroyed 'Solomon Temple', the first temple of Judaism ?
A) Romans
B) Egyptians
C) Aryans
D) Babylonians
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