Jesus Christ Quiz Questions

1)  Jesus Christ birth place?
A) Nazareth
B) Bethlehem
C) Galilee
D) Jerusalem
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2)  Which of the following is not a biblical name of God ?
A) Alpha
B) Abba
C) Word
D) Character
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3)  Which of the following become Common Language, when the Roman Empire was Christianized ?
A) Latin
B) Aramaic
C) Greek
D) Hebrew
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4)  Who first translated Bible to English ?
A) John Purvey
B) Pope Urban V
C) John Wycliff
D) Laurent
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5)  Who appeared to Elizabeth to announce birth of John ?
A) Gabriel
B) Zacharias
C) Joseph
D) Elijah
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6)  Who sent 3 kings to recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah ?
A) King David
B) King Solomon
C) King Herod
D) Roman King
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7)  Who was released instead of Jesus ?
A) King Pilate
B) King Solomon
C) King Herod
D) Barabbas
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8)  Which king gave orders to put jesus in Cross ?
A) King Pilate
B) King Solomon
C) King Herod
D) Roman King
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9)  At the time of jesus birth in which direction the star located in the night sky?
A) East
B) West
C) North
D) South
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10)  After how many days Jesus was named ?
A) 6
B) 7
C) 8
D) 4
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11)  According to Luke what was Jesus age when he start his ministry work ?
A) 30
B) 33
C) 20
D) 26
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12)  With what name Jesus referred in Quran ?
A) God of Child
B) Isa
C) Messenger
D) Kabir
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13)  According to Mark what was the occupation of Jesus ?
A) Farmer
B) Businessman
C) Plumber
D) Carpenter
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14)  What is the name of Jesus brother (cousin), who became a leader of the Jerusalem Church ?
A) Joseph
B) James
C) John
D) Jebbran
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15)  Which was the first organised religion outside of Christianity that considered Jesus as very important idol ?
A) Islam
B) Buddhism
C) Manichaeism
D) Confucianism
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16)  Who went to Jesus tomb on Sunday morning and surprised to find it was empty ?
A) Sophie
B) Mary Magdalene
C) Christine
D) Maria K
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17)  Where did Jesus and his disciples gone to pray to be spared from his coming ordeal ?
A) Golgotha
B) Nazareth
C) Garden Gethsemane
D) Galileo
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18)  Observing a Passover custom of the time, Pilate allows one prisoner chosen by the crowd to be released. Who was the other prisoner along with Jesus were the choices given to the people ?
A) Barabbas
B) Dismas
C) Gestas
D) Judas
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19)  Who removed Jesus body from the cross ?
A) Dismas
B) Joseph of Arimathea
C) Jacobus
D) Pilate
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20)  From when Christianity began to be recognized internally and externally as a separate religion from Judaism ?
A) 1st century
B) 2nd century
C) 3rd century
D) 4th century
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