Japanese Yen Quiz Questions

1)  What is the symbol of Japanese Yen ?
A) ₹
B) €
C) ¥
D) $
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2)  How much famous 'Japanese Yen' in the foreign exchange market as of 2023 ?
A) Third most traded
B) Second most traded
C) Sixth most traded
D) Fifth most traded
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3)  When was the 'Bank of Japan' founded ?
A) 1881
B) 1883
C) 1884
D) 1882
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4)  What is the highest denomination of Japanese Yen coin available in use ?
A) 100
B) 50
C) 500
D) 10
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5)  What is the diameter of '1 Japanese Yen' coin ?
A) 22mm
B) 20mm
C) 21mm
D) 19mm
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