Google Quiz Questions

1)  Where does Google acquire most of its profits?
A) Adwords
B) Hyperlink
C) Ads
D) Alexa
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2)  Where did the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, study when they launched Google?
A) Harvard University
B) Stanford University
C) Cambridge University
D) University of California-Los Angeles
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3)  When was the Google incorporated?
A) September 4, 1997
B) September 14, 1998
C) September 4, 1998
D) September 24, 1998
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4)  What was the unofficial slogan of Google?
A) Be evil
B) Don't be evil
C) Don't be good
D) Always be good
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5)  What is the nickname of Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California?
A) Googlecom
B) Googleplace
C) Gplex
D) Googleplex
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6)  What will be the name of the holding company that Google announced to reorganize in August 2015?
A) A2Z Development
B) Googleplex
C) Alphabet Inc.
D) ABCD Inc.
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7)  What is the email site of Google?
A) Ymail
B) Googlemail
C) Gmail
D) Glmail
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8)  What is the class of netbooks that has browser-only Chrome OS?
A) Kindle
B) Chromebooks
C) Gbooks
D) Googlebooks
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9)  When did Google acquire the Motorola Mobility?
A) March 2012
B) May 2011
C) June 2012
D) May 2012
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10)  Where is the Google Fiber broadband service called fiber-optic infrastructure to facilitate located?
A) Texas City
B) Seattle
C) Kansas City
D) Los Angeles
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11)  What is the cloud storage service of Google?
A) Google Drive
B) Dropbox
C) Google box
D) Chromebooks
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12)  What was supposed to be the nickname before it was changed into Google?
A) Nexus
B) GooRub
C) BankRub
D) Googleplex
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13)  What was the original domain of Google which ran under Stanford University's website?
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14)  Who was the first employee hired for Google?
A) Craig Silverstein
B) Clive Wilkinson
C) Larry Page
D) Sergey Brin
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15)  When did Google surpass one billion unique visitors for the first time?
A) May 2012
B) May 2013
C) May 2011
D) May 2010
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16)  What is the series of presentations by invited speakers sponsored by Google given at various Google offices throughout the world?
A) Gtalk
B) Gmail
C) AtGoogleTalks
D) GDrive
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17)  Who was the's program executive when it was formed?
A) Larry Brilliant
B) Sergey Brin
C) Larry Page
D) Craig Silverstein
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18)  What is the not-for-profit philanthropic organization formed by Google in 2004?
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19)  What was the libertarian think tank that Google gave donation of $50,000 in June 2013?
A) Sierra Club
B) American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
C) Competitive Enterprise Institute
D) International Mathematical Olympiad
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20)  What year did Google ranked 5th in lobbying spending?
A) 2011
B) 2013
C) 2015
D) 2007
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