Franklin D Roosevelt Quiz Questions

1)  How was Roosevelt commonly known?
B) Frank
D) Franco
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2)  What is the nationality of Roosevelt?
A) British
B) Australian
C) American
D) African
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3)  What was the political party of Roosevelt when he became president of the United States?
A) Republican
B) Conservative
C) Liberal
D) Democratic
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4)  Who was the President that Roosevelt succeeded during his first term?
A) Harry S. Truman
B) Herbert Hoover
C) Herbert H. Lehman
D) Al Smith
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5)  How old was Roosevelt when he died?
A) 60
B) 55
C) 63
D) 45
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6)  Where did Roosevelt finish a degree?
A) Harvard University
B) Stanford University
C) Yale University
D) University of California
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7)  What was the religion of Roosevelt?
A) Dutch Reformed Church
B) Episcopalian
C) Anglican
D) Mormons
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8)  What year did Roosevelt first elected as President of the United States?
A) 1933
B) 1945
C) 1935
D) 1948
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9)  Where was the birthplace of Roosevelt?
A) California
B) Pennsylvania
C) New Jersey
D) New York
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10)  What year did Roosevelt marry Eleanor Roosevelt?
A) 1905
B) 1910
C) 1915
D) 1930
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11)  How old was Roosevelt when he became the President of the USA?
A) 51
B) 42
C) 55
D) 45
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12)  What was the coalition built by Roosevelt to realign the American politics?
A) Fifth Party System
B) New Deal Coalition
C) American liberalism
D) Democratic Party
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13)  How many children did Roosevelt have?
A) 4
B) 5
C) 1
D) 6
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14)  What was the descent of Roosevelt's family?
A) British
B) Dutch
C) German
D) Italian
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15)  Who was the US President when Roosevelt served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy?
A) Harry Truman
B) Herbert Hoover
C) Woodrow Wilson
D) Gordon Woodbury
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16)  What was the profession of Roosevelt aside from being a politician?
A) lawyer
B) doctor
C) professor
D) stock broker
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17)  What was the name of the sailboat given to Roosevelt by his father?
A) Sunlight
B) Sunshine
C) New Moon
D) Adams
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18)  What was the Episcopal boarding school in Massachusetts where Roosevelt attended?
A) Adam's House School
B) Groton School
C) Columbia Law School
D) Harvard University
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19)  What is the fraternity where Roosevelt was a member?
A) Phi Delta Gamma
B) Alpha Delta Phi
C) Alpha Phi Kappa
D) Tau Sigma Phi
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20)  What year did Roosevelt ran for the New York State Senate?
A) 1910
B) 1915
C) 1911
D) 1913
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