Facebook Quiz Questions

1)  When was the Facebook launched?
A) February 4, 2004
B) February 4, 2014
C) February 4, 1994
D) February 24, 1994
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2)  Who were the exclusive members of Facebook when it was first launched?
A) Harvard students
B) Ivy League
C) Stanford students
D) American residents
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3)  When did the Facebook, Inc. hold its first initial public offering?
A) February 2011
B) February 2012
C) February 2004
D) February 2014
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4)  Where is the headquarters of Facebook, Inc.?
A) San Jose, California
B) Santa Clara, California
C) Menlo Park, California
D) Edmonton Hills, California
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5)  Who is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Facebook?
A) Divya Narendra
B) Bill Gates
C) Jeff Bezos
D) Mark Zuckerberg
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6)  What was the program first developed by Zuckerberg in 2003 before it became Facebook?
A) Friendster
B) Facemash
C) Hot or Not
D) What's Hot?
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7)  Who was the graphic artist of Facebook that joined Zuckerberg in promoting the website?
A) Chris Hughes
B) Sean Parker
C) Andrew McCollum
D) Mary Schapiro
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8)  Who was the first investor of Facebook?
A) Eduardo Saverin
B) Sean Parker
C) Mark Zuckerberg
D) Peter Thiel
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9)  How much was the domain name "facebook.com" when purchased in 2005?
A) US$200,000
B) US$100,000
C) US$50,000
D) US$20,000
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10)  When did Facebook reach one trillion page views according to DoubleClick statistics?
A) June 2012
B) June 2001
C) June 2014
D) June 2011
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11)  What is the coalition of public and private organisations that Facebook became a member in 2013?
C) A4I
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12)  Who is the Facebook's top engineer?
A) Adam D'Angelo
B) Mike Vernal
C) Owen Van Natta
D) Chris Hughes
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13)  When did Facebook announce the "Facebook Graph Search"?
A) July 15, 2013
B) June 25, 2013
C) June 15, 2014
D) June 15, 2013
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14)  How many active advertisers did Facebook reach in February 2015?
A) 1 million
B) 1.5 million
C) 2 million
D) 0.5 million
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15)  How much did Facebook, Inc. paid to acquire the domain name fb.com from the American Farm Bureau Federation?
A) $8.5 million
B) $8 million
C) $7.5 million
D) $1.5 million
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16)  Where is the first office of Facebook in Asia?
A) Tokyo
B) Hyderabad
C) Xiamen
D) Ichikawa
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17)  When did the company-review site Glassdoor named Facebook the 5th best company to work for by?
A) 2011
B) 2015
C) 2004
D) 2014
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18)  What is the primary color of the Facebook website?
A) blue
B) red
C) yellow
D) green
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19)  What was added in the Facebook website in April, 2008 which allows users to communicate with other Facebook users like the instant messaging software?
A) Facebook SMS
B) Facebook Graph
C) Facebook Video
D) Facebook Chat
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20)  What is the technology partner of Facebook in its video calling feature?
A) Skype
B) Vimeo
C) Twitter
D) MySpace
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