David Beckham Quiz Questions

1)  What is the nationality of Beckham?
A) English
B) Irish
C) American
D) Spanish
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2)  What is the full name of Beckham?
A) David Jay Beckham
B) David Joseph Beckham
C) David Robert Joseph Beckham
D) David John Beckham
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3)  When was Beckham born?
A) May 2, 1979
B) May 10, 1975
C) May 10, 1976
D) May 2, 1975
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4)  What is the name of Beckham's wife?
A) Shirley
B) Victoria
C) Brook
D) Sandra
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5)  What year did Beckham retire as a professional player?
A) 2013
B) 2012
C) 2007
D) 2011
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6)  How many years did Beckham play professionally?
A) 30 years
B) 20 years
C) 15 years
D) 22 years
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7)  How many children does Beckham have?
A) 4
B) 5
C) 1
D) 2
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8)  What was Beckham's age when he first made his team debut?
A) 18
B) 17
C) 15
D) 22
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9)  When did Beckham make his first international football debut?
A) September 1998
B) August 1996
C) September 1996
D) September 1999
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10)  What year was Beckham listed as the highest paid player in the world?
A) 2012
B) 2013
C) 2005
D) 2011
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11)  Where did Beckham's parents get married?
A) Beckingham Palace
B) Luttrellstown Castle
C) London Borough of Hackney
D) Holland Park, London
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12)  What is the title of the book authored by Beckham?
A) Beckham Biography
B) Life in Football
C) Both Feet on the Ground
D) Feet on the Ground
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13)  What was the favorite football team of Beckham's parents?
A) Real Madrid
B) Preston North End
C) Paris Saint-Germain
D) Manchester United
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14)  What was the first club Beckham played for?
A) Manchester United
B) Real Madrid
C) Tottenham Hotspur
D) LA Galaxy
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15)  What year did Beckham become a Manchester United mascot?
A) 1988
B) 1986
C) 1985
D) 1988
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16)  When did Beckham propose to his wife?
A) January 25, 1998
B) January 24, 1998
C) January 24, 1998
D) January 24, 2000
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17)  Where did Beckham and his wife get married?
A) Britain
B) England
C) Iceland
D) Ireland
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18)  What is the football team of Beckham's son?
A) Arsenal U16
B) Real Madrid
C) Paris Saint-Germain
D) LA Galaxy
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19)  What is the sports football boots that Beckham wore since the start of this career?
A) Nike
B) Adidas
C) Puma
D) Reebok
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20)  How many tattoos does Beckham have as of 2013?
A) 33
B) 25
C) 22
D) 32
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