Bill Gates Quiz Questions

1)  What is the full name of Bill Gates?
A) William Gates
B) William Henry "Bill" Gates III
C) William Henry "Bill" Gates Jr.
D) Henry Gates
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2)  When was Gates born?
A) October 28, 1955
B) October 19, 1955
C) October 29, 1954
D) October 18, 1954
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3)  When did Forbes list started including Gates as one of the world's wealthiest people?
A) 1988
B) 1989
C) 1986
D) 1987
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4)  When did Gates co-founded the Microsoft?
A) 1976
B) 1975
C) 1977
D) 1988
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5)  What is Gates' current net worth?
A) US$90 billion
B) US$70 billion
C) US$80 billion
D) US$60 billion
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6)  Which is Gates' one of his ancestral origin?
A) German
B) French
C) Australian
D) British English
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7)  What is the name of the mother of Bill Gates?
A) Mary Maxwell Gates
B) Aurora Maxwell Gates
C) Melinda Gates
D) Maxwell Gates
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8)  What is the church Gates’ family regularly attended when he was young?
A) Roman Catholic
B) Hinduism
C) Orthodox Catholic
D) Protestant Congregational
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9)  What is the profession of Bill Gates' father?
A) doctor
B) bank manager
C) lawyer
D) farmer
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10)  What was the company Gates contacted after reading about the demonstration of Altair 8800?
C) Microsoft
D) Windows
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11)  When did Gates register their trade name "Microsoft"?
A) October 26, 1986
B) October 26, 1976
C) November 25, 1976
D) November 26, 1976
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12)  What was Gates Alma mater?
A) University Of California
B) Yale University
C) Harvard University
D) Stanford University
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13)  What course did Gates finish?
A) Law
B) Medicine
C) Information Technology
D) None
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14)  What is Gates' current religion?
A) Roman Catholic
B) Hinduism
C) Orthodox Catholic
D) Protestant Congregational
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15)  Who is the wife of Bill Gates?
A) Mary French
B) Melinda French
C) Macy French
D) Katharine French
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16)  When did Bill Gates get married?
A) January 1, 1994
B) January 1, 1995
C) February 1, 1994
D) January 1, 1995
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17)  Which of the following is the title of the book authored by Gates?
A) The Virtual Revolution
B) Triumph of the Nerds
C) The Social Networks
D) The Road Ahead
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18)  Who is Gates co-founder of Microsoft?
A) Ed Robert
B) Paul Allen
C) Steve Jobs
D) Mark Zuckerberg
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19)  What is the name of Gates' foundation?
A) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
B) Microsoft Foundation
C) Gates & Allen Foundation
D) Gates Foundation
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20)  When did Gates step down as the Chairman of Microsoft?
A) January 2014
B) February 2004
C) February 2014
D) January 2004
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