Barack Obama Quiz Questions

1)  What is the real name of barack obama?
A) Barack Philip obama
B) Barack Hussein Obama
C) Barack kasaam obama
D) Barack jose obama
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2)  When was barack obama’s birthday?
A) August 4, 1961
B) August 4, 1962
C) August 5, 1961
D) August 5, 1962
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3)  Obama received national attention during his campaign to represent Illinois in the year
A) 2001
B) 2002
C) 2003
D) 2004
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4)  Where is Barack Obama from?
A) Washington D.C
B) California
C) Florida
D) Hawaii
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5)  Obama was re-elected president in the year
A) November 2011
B) November 2012
C) December 2011
D) December 2012
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6)  When did obama got married?
A) October 3, 1992
B) October 18,1991
C) October 14,1989
D) October 7,1991
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7)  Obama became the
A) Third democratic president
B) Fifth democratic president
C) First democratic president
D) Second democratic president
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8)  What is barrack obama’s father name?
A) Barack Philip obama.Sr
B) Barack Hussein Obama.Sr
C) Barack kasaam obama.Sr
D) Barack jose obama.Sr
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9)  what is Obama's special qualification ?
A) Writer
B) Lawyer
C) Doctor
D) Engineer
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10)  What is obama’s wife name?
A) Jenny Obama
B) Florence Obama
C) Mercy Robinson Obama
D) Michelle Robinson Obama.
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11)  Obama said that the bond between the United States and Israel is
A) Breakable
B) Un Breakable
C) To be breakable
D) Broken already
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