Alexander The Great Quiz Questions

1)  What year did Alexander the Great become the King of Macedonia?
A) 332 BC–323 BC
B) 336 BC–323 BC
C) 330 BC–324 BC
D) 336 BC–320 BC
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2)  What was the famous ancient Greek royal house where Alexander was a member?
A) Argead dynasty
B) Adriatic dynasty
C) Moghul dynasty
D) Byzantine dynasty
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3)  Who was the successor Alexander after his reign as King of Macedonia?
A) Alexander V
B) Augustus IV
C) Alexander IV
D) Phillip II
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4)  How old was Alexander when he died?
A) 39
B) 40
C) 22
D) 32
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5)  Where was Alexander born?
A) Pella, Macedon
B) Babylon
C) Anatolia
D) Olympia
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6)  What is the full name of Alexander the Great?
A) Alexander of Macedon
B) Alexander III of Pella
C) Alexander III of Macedon
D) Alexander the Great of Macedon
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7)  What was the religion of Alexander?
A) Roman Catholicism
B) Greek polytheism
C) Orthodox
D) Anglican
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8)  How old was Alexander when he succeeded his father, Phillip II, as King of Macedon?
A) 15
B) 11
C) 22
D) 20
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9)  Who was the famous philosopher that became the tutor of Alexander?
A) Plato
B) Midas
C) Aristotle
D) Aristotle
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10)  What was the cause of Alexander's father's death?
A) assassination
B) execution
C) health reason
D) natural death
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11)  Who was the Persian king the Alexander overthrew to conquer the Achaemenid Empire?
A) Alexander IV
B) Phillip II
C) Darius III
D) Augustus I
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12)  How old was Alexander when he had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world, stretching from Greece to Egypt and into northwest India?
A) 30
B) 25
C) 22
D) 20
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13)  Where did Alexander die?
A) Pella
B) Olympus
C) Egypt
D) Babylon
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14)  What year did Alexander invade the India?
A) 325 BC
B) 322 BC
C) 326 BC
D) 332 BC
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15)  What is the city in Egypt which was named after Alexander?
A) Alexandra
B) Alexa
C) Alex
D) Alexandria
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16)  What was the temple that was burnt down during the birth of Alexander?
A) Temple of Zeus
B) Temple of Apollo
C) Temple of Artemis
D) Mt Olympus
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17)  What was the name of Alexander's nurse after he was born?
A) Lanike
B) Olympia
C) Chalcidice
D) Ephesus
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18)  What was the city founded by Alexander after he defeated the Thracian Maedi?
A) Alexandropolis
B) Alexandria
C) Alexandra
D) Alexa
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19)  Who was the niece of the general that Alexander fell in love with and married when he returned to Pella?
A) Roxana
B) Cleopatra Eurydice
C) Stateira
D) Parysatis II
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20)  Who did the assassination of Phillip, father of Alexander?
A) Neoptolemus I
B) Epirus
C) Plutarch
D) Pausanias
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