Actor RajiniKanth Quiz Questions

1)  Birth year of Rajini Kanth?
A) 1950
B) 1949
C) 1951
D) 1952
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2)  Which of the following is rajini's 100th movie ?
A) Muthu
B) Annamalai
C) Basha
D) Sri Raghavendra
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3)  Who gave "Entertainer of the Decade" award to rajinikanth?
A) Sun TV
B) Vijay Awards
D) Cini Awards
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4)  When did rajini married Latha ?
A) 1979
B) 1982
C) 1980
D) 1981
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5)  What is the school run by rajinikanth's wife ?
A) Rajinikanth charity school
B) The Ashram
C) Annai Illam
D) Latha School
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6)  For which movie rajini got his first "Best Tamil Actor" filmfare award ?
A) Apoorva Raagangal
B) Nallavanuku Nallavan
C) Moondru Mudichu
D) 16 Vayathinile
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7)  For which movie rajini got best villan award?
A) Billa
B) 16 Vayathinile
C) Anthuleni Katha
D) Enthiran
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8)  When did rajini got "Padma Bhushan" award from Government of India ?
A) 2000
B) 1999
C) 2001
D) 2002
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9)  Which part of bangalore, rajinikanth studied ?
A) Gavipuram
B) KR Puram
C) Madiwala
D) Hebbal
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10)  In which of the following english movie rajinikanth appeared ?
A) RA One
B) Bloodstone
C) Killers
D) The City
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11)  What is the real name of actor Rajinikanth (by Birth) ?
A) Badshah
B) Rao Narappa
C) Shivaji Rao Gaikwad
D) Dhananjeya
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12)  When Rajinikanth awarded with 'Dadasaheb Phalke Award' ?
A) 2018
B) 2020
C) 2019
D) 2017
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13)  What is the occupation of Rajinikanth father Ramoji Rao Gaekwad ?
A) Police Constable
B) Tea Shop Owner
C) Bus Conductor
D) Actor
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14)  At what age Rajinikanth lost his mother ?
A) 9
B) 10
C) 8
D) 12
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15)  When was Rajinikanth named as the most influential Indian of the year by Forbes India ?
A) 2012
B) 2009
C) 2011
D) 2010
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16)  Where did Rajinikanth marriage took place ?
A) Chennai
B) Tirupati
C) Bangalore
D) Trichy
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17)  How many movies of Amitabh Bachchan did remaked into Tamil by Rajinikanth ?
A) 11
B) 12
C) 13
D) 10
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18)  Who provided Rajinikanth his stage name ?
A) Gangai Amaran
B) Shivaji Ganesan
C) Balachander
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19)  What is the name of Rajinikanth's friend and co-worker who motivated him to join the Madras Film Institute and financially supported him during this phase ?
A) Kamal Hassan
B) Konna Reddy
C) Shivaji
D) Raj Bahadur
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20)  What is the first movie of Rajinikanth on which he began his film career?
A) Katha Sangama
B) Anthuleni Katha
C) Apoorva Raagangal
D) Moondru Mudichu
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