Abraham Lincoln Quiz Questions

1)  Where is Lincoln's birthplace located?
A) Springfield, Illinois
B) Washington, D.C.
C) Hodgenville, Kentucky
D) New York City, New York
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2)  Who was Lincoln's vice president when he was declared the 16th President of the United States?
A) Andrew Johnson
B) James Buchanan
C) Hannibal Hamlin
D) John Henry
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3)  When did Lincoln die?
A) April 15, 1865
B) April 15, 1864
C) April 25, 1865
D) April 22, 1865
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4)  What degree did Lincoln finish?
A) Medicine
B) Political Science
C) Engineering
D) Law
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5)  What was Lincoln's rank during his military service?
A) Colonel
B) Liutenant Colonel
C) Commander
D) Captain
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6)  What war did Lincoln encounter during his military service?
A) Battle of Fort Sumter
B) Gulf War
C) World War II
D) Black Hawk War
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7)  How many children did Lincoln have?
A) 4
B) 1
C) 5
D) 3
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8)  What was the cause of Lincoln's death?
A) execution
B) assassination
C) heart failure
D) natural death
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9)  When did Lincoln serve as a member of the Illinois House of Representatives?
A) 1861-1865
B) 1847-1849
C) 1834-1846
D) 1834-1842
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10)  Who was the democrat that defeated Lincoln in the US Senate race in 1958?
A) Ulysses S. Grant
B) John Wilkes Booth
C) Stephen A. Douglas
D) Robert E. Lee
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11)  What did Lincoln suspend which led to the controversial ex parte Merryman decision?
A) ex parte Merryman
B) Trent Affair
C) habeas corpus
D) Emancipation Proclamation
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12)  Who was the Confederate sympathizer that assassinated Lincoln?
A) John Wilkes Booth
B) Thomas Harris
C) Joshua R. Giddings
D) Wilmot Proviso
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13)  Where did Lincoln's descendant, Samuel Lincoln, settle after migrating from England?
A) Hodgenville, Kentucky
B) Springfield, Illinois
C) Hingham, Massachusetts
D) San Jose, California
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14)  How many siblings did Lincoln have?
A) 1
B) 3
C) 5
D) 2
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15)  Who was Lincoln's first romantic interest?
A) Ann Rutledge
B) Mary Todd
C) Nancy Hanks
D) Sarah Johnston
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16)  Who was with Lincoln when he began practicing law upon moving to Springfield, Illinois?
A) Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith
B) Stephen T. Logan
C) John T. Stuart
D) Joshua R. Giddings
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17)  Who was the abolitionist Congressman that collaborated with Lincoln in writing a bill to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia?
A) John T. Stuart
B) Stephen T. Logan
C) Joshua R. Giddings
D) Robert Todd Beckwith
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18)  How old was Abraham Lincoln when his mother died?
A) 5
B) 1
C) 9
D) 5
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19)  Who was the Constitutional Union Party representative that Lincoln defeated during the 1860 election?
A) Stephen T. Logan
B) John T. Stuart
C) Joshua R. Giddings
D) John Bell
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20)  What was the political party of Lincoln when he won the presidency in 1860?
A) Democratic
B) Conservative
C) Liberal
D) Republican
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