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Yahoo Quiz Questions

1)  Where is the headquarters of Yahoo! Inc. located?
A) Sunnyvale, California
B) Menlo Park, California
C) San Francisco, California
D) Sacramento, California
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2)  When was the Yahoo incorporated?
A) March 1, 1995
B) March 1, 1996
C) March 1, 1997
D) March 1, 1998
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3)  Where did the founders of Yahoo, Yang and Filo, study when they created a website named "Jerry and David's guide to the World Wide Web"?
A) Harvard University
B) Stanford University
D) None of the above
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4)  What is the Yahoo service that allows developers to build search applications based on Yahoo's search technology?
A) Yahoo Search Boss
B) Yahoo Meme
C) Y!Connect
D) Ymail
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5)  When was the domain created?
A) January 18, 1997
B) January 18, 1995
C) January 18, 1999
D) January 28, 1995
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6)  What is the backronym of Yahoo?
A) Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle
B) Yet Another Heroic Organized Oracle
C) Yet Another Hierarchically Organized order
D) Yet Another Hierarchically Oracle Organized
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7)  What was the company that offered to acquire Yahoo and was turned down in February 2008?
B) Google
C) Amazon
D) Microsoft Corporation
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8)  What year did Yahoo have several large layoffs?
A) 2008
B) 2007
C) 2010
D) 2014
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9)  Who was appointed to replace Yang as CEO of Yahoo in January 2009?
A) Marissa Mayer
B) David Karp
C) Carol Bartz
D) Ross Levinsohn
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10)  What is the blogging site that Yahoo purchased in 2013?
A) Trendrr
B) Tumblr
C) Bing
D) Google
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11)  When did Yahoo acquire RockMelt?
A) August 2, 2013
B) August 2, 2014
C) August 12, 2013
D) August 22, 2013
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12)  How much did Yahoo pay to acquire the video ad company BrightRoll?
A) $40 million
B) $650 million
C) $640 million
D) $600 million
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13)  What was the feature introduced by Yahoo in March 2012 that allows users to opt out of Web-visit tracking and customized advertisements?
A) Y! Connect
B) Yahoo Meme
C) GeoPlanet
D) Do Not Track
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14)  When did Yahoo start offering unlimited storage in its email service?
A) May 2007
B) May 2009
C) June 2007
D) May 2010
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15)  When did Yahoo announce its partnership with Yelp, Inc.?
A) March 12, 2015
B) March 12, 2014
C) March 12, 2011
D) March 22, 2014
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16)  What is the site launched by Yahoo in March 2008 which was made for women seeking online information and advice?
A) Bright
B) Shine
C) Women
D) ForHer
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17)  What is the internet search system for mobile phones that Yahoo introduced in March 2007?
A) OneSearch
B) Novarra
C) Yahoo Mobile
D) Kelkoo
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18)  What is the price comparison service of Yahoo which was acquired in April 2004?
A) Yahoo Autos
B) Yahoo Auctions
C) Yahoo Store
D) Yahoo Shopping
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19)  What is the beta social service of Yahoo?
A) GeoPlanet
B) Yahoo Next
C) Yahoo Meme
D) Yahoo Mail
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20)  When did Yahoo introduce the Yahoo Axis?
A) May 23, 2014
B) May 23, 2012
C) May 13, 2012
D) May 3, 2012
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