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Winston Churchill Quiz Questions

1)  What is the full name of Churchill?
A) Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
B) Winston Churchill
C) Leonard Winston Spencer
D) Winston Spencer-Churchill
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2)  What Noble Prize did Churchill win?
A) Nobel Prize in Medicine
B) Nobel Prize in Economics
C) Nobel Prize in Literature
D) none
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3)  What was the political party of Churchill when he became Prime Minister?
A) Parliamentary
B) Conservative
C) Republican
D) Independent
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4)  How old was Churchill when he died?
A) 89
B) 71
C) 50
D) 90
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5)  Where is the final resting place of Churchill located?
A) St Martin's Church, Bladon
B) London, England
C) Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, England
D) Berkshire; Brunswick
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6)  Who was the wife of Churchill?
A) Elizabeth Ann Everest
B) Clementine Hozier
C) Jennie Jerome
D) Jennie Hozier
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7)  What was the religion of Churchill?
A) Roman Catholic
B) Hindu
C) Anglican
D) Mormons
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8)  What was the rank of Churchill during his Military service?
A) Captain
B) Colonel
C) Commander
D) Lieutenant-Colonel
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9)  What is the nationality of Churchill's mother?
A) British
B) Spanish
C) American
D) Portuguese
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10)  What was Churchill's appointment during the outbreak of Second World War?
A) Chancellor of the Exchequer
B) Lieutenant-Colonel
C) Minister of Munitions
D) Secretary of State for War
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11)  Who did Churchill succeeded as Prime Minister in 1940?
A) Anthony Eden
B) Clement Attlee
C) Emanuel Shinwell
D) Neville Chamberlain
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12)  What year did Churchill become Prime Minister for the second time?
A) 1950
B) 1949
C) 1951
D) 1955
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13)  Who was the monarch that granted Churchill the honour of a state funeral when he died in 1965?
A) Edward I
B) Elizabeth II
C) Edward VIII
D) Elizabeth I
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14)  When was Churchill born?
A) November 30, 1974
B) November 30, 1972
C) November 11, 1972
D) November 30, 1975
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15)  What was the first reading book of Churchill?
A) Great Contemporaries
B) My Early Life
C) Reading Without Tears
D) Painting as a Pastime
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16)  What was Churchill's nickname when he studied at Harrow School?
A) Copperboy
B) Copper
C) Redhead
D) Copperknob
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17)  What year did Churchill met his then future wife, Clementine Hozier?
A) 1904
B) 1905
C) 1911
D) 1901
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18)  What was Churchill's speech impediment that continued even all throughout his career?
A) frontal lisp
B) nasal lisp
C) strident lisp
D) lateral lisp
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19)  Where did Churchill spend much of his retirement?
A) Woodstock, England
B) Chartwell, Kent
C) London, England
D) Dublin, England
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20)  Where did Churchill spend his early years?
A) Dublin
B) London
C) Berkshire
D) Woodstock
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