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PHP Web Development Quiz Questions

1)  How do you get information from a form that is submitted using the "GET" method ?
A) $_GET
D) A&C
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2)  Which of the following function is used for terminate the script execution in PHP?
A) sleep()
B) stop()
C) die()
D) quit()
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3)  Does php support multiple inheritance?
A) Yes
B) No
C) Partially Supports
D) Supports through 3rd party tool
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4)  What is the correct way to create a function in PHP?
A) create myFunction()
B) function myFunction()
C) new myFunction()
D) static myFunction()
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5)  What is the correct HTML for referring to an external style sheet ?
B) stylesheet.css
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6)  Which SQL statement is used to delete data from a database ?
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7)  Which of the following is correct ?
A) body{margin:0 auto:}
B) body{margin;0 auto:}
C) body:margin{0 auto}
D) body{margin:0 auto;}
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8)  Which of the following is used to connect with mysql database ?
A) mysqlconnect($host,$username,$password);
B) dbconnect($host,$username,$password);
C) mysql_connect($host,$username,$password);
D) mysql_db_connect($host,$username,$password);
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9)  Which of the following is used to check if the function already exists ?
A) func_exists(myfunction);
B) function_exists(functionname);
C) f_exists(functionname);
D) is_available(functionname);
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10)  What will be the output ?
B) function undefined error;
C) hello world
D) fatal error
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11)  Which property is used to change the background color ?
A) bgcolor
B) background-color
C) backgroundcolor
D) color
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12)  The PHP syntax is most similar to...
A) Java
B) Javascript
C) Perl and C
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13)  Which of the following is NOT a valid PHP comparison operator ?
A) <=>
B) ===
C) <>
D) !=
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14)  Which of the following operator is error control operator ?
A) !
B) *
C) @
D) &
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15)  Which of the following operator is used to concatenate two strings in PHP ?
A) .
B) +
C) :
D) -
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16)  What is ECMA script ?
A) Perl Script
B) Python Script
C) Javascript
D) PHP script
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17)  Which of the following function removes duplication from an array ?
A) array_ unshift
B) array_ values
C) array_ merge
D) array_ unique
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18)  How many records will be given as output of the following query ?
select * from table LIMIT 25,100
A) 25
B) 100
C) 75
D) 125
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19)  Which of the following function can print a object content ?
A) print()
B) var_dump()
C) print_r()
D) echo
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20)  What will be the output ?

$var = 'false';
if ($var) {
echo 'true';
} else {
echo 'false';

A) True
B) False
C) Error
D) No Output
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21)  What is the value of $xyz[2] ?

$xyz = array(
3 => 'b',
1 => 'c',
4 => 'e'
A) a
B) d
C) e
D) Error
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22)  What is the output?

$arr = array(5 => 1, 12 => 2);
$arr[] = 56;
$arr["x"] = 42;
echo var_dump($arr);
A) array(3) { [5]=> int(1) [12]=> int(2) }
B) array(3) { [5]=> int(1) [12]=> int(2) [13]=> int(56) }
C) array(4) { [5]=> int(1) [12]=> int(2) [13]=> int(56) ["x"]=> int(42) }
D) array(3) { [5]=> int(1) [12]=> int(2) ["x"]=> int(42) }
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23)  What will be the output?

echo substr("helloworld", -2);
echo ' , ';
echo substr("helloworld", 0, -1);

A) ld , helloworl
B) he , helloarray
C) ld , elloworld
D) he , helloworl
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24)  What will be the output?

A) 200
B) 300Rupees
C) 300
D) 100Rupees
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25)  What will be the output?

echo $y[0];
A) 1
B) paper
C) pen
D) 3
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26)  Which of the following was not a PHP framework?
A) Joomla
B) Jquery
C) CakePHP
D) Zend
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