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Virat Kohli Quiz Questions

1)  What is Kohli's role in the India Test cricket team?
A) batsman
B) front
C) center
D) captain
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2)  What is Kohli's team in the Indian Premier League (IPL)?
A) Indian Premier League (IPL)
B) Royal Challengers Bangalore
C) India Under-19s
D) 2011 World Cup
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3)  Where is the birth place of Kohli?
A) Uttam Nagar
B) Mumbai, India
C) Delhi, India
D) Noida, India
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4)  How is Kohli commonly called by his friends?
A) Virat
B) Kohli
C) The Batsman
D) Cheeku
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5)  What team did Kohli served as a captain during the 2008 Under-19 World Cup in Malaysia?
A) Test cricket
B) Indian squad
C) India Under-19s
D) Royal Challengers Bangalore
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6)  What year did Kohli play his first Test?
A) 2011
B) 2001
C) 2012
D) 2010
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7)  What did Kohli win during the 2014 ICC World Twenty20 in Bangladesh?
A) Man of the Game
B) Arjuna Award
C) Player of the Year
D) Man of the Tournament
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8)  Who did Kohli succeeded as a Test captain after the person's retirement?
A) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
B) Prem Kohli
C) Rajkumar Sharma
D) Vikash
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9)  What is the Indian Super League team where Kohli become a co-owner in 2014?
A) Indian squad
B) India Under-19s
C) FC Goa
D) Royal Challengers Bangalore
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10)  What is Kohli's ODI shirt number?
A) 18
B) 15
C) 05
D) 00
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11)  What was the award given to Kohli in 2013 as recognition of his achievements in international cricket?
A) Man of the Tournament
B) Test Man of the Match
C) ODI Man of the Match
D) Arjuna Award
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12)  What was Kohli's father's profession when he was born?
A) professor
B) stockbroker
C) criminal lawyer
D) police officer
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13)  How many siblings does Kohli have?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 1
D) none
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14)  Where did Kohli start schooling?
A) West Delhi Cricket Academy
B) Vishal Bharti Public School
C) Savier Convent
D) none of the above
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15)  Where did Kohli study cricket in 1998?
A) Vishal Bharti Public School
B) Sumit Dogra Academy
C) West Delhi Cricket Academy
D) Vishal Bharti Public School
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16)  Who was Kohli's trainor in the academy where he studied cricket?
A) Vikash Sharma
B) Prem Kohli
C) Rajkumar Sharma
D) Virat Kohli
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17)  What was the Kohli's team when he first played in October 2002?
A) Delhi Under-15 team
B) India Under-19s
C) Indian squad
D) Royal Challengers Bangalore
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18)  Who was Kohli's biggest support in playing cricket?
A) Virat Kohli
B) Bhavna Kohli
C) Rajkumar Sharma
D) Prem Kohli
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19)  What is Kohli's second favourite sport?
A) soccer
B) soccer
C) baseball
D) football
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20)  Who is Kohli's youth fashion brand that was launched in November 2014?
A) Cornerstone Sport
C) Myntra
D) Shopper's Stop
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