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Vinod Khosla Quiz Questions

1)  How old is Vinod Khosla as of 2015?
A) 60
B) 61
C) 65
D) 63
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2)  What is Khosla's religion?
A) Buddhism
B) Roman Catholic
C) Hinduism
D) Islam
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3)  Where is the hometown of Khosla?
A) Menlo Park, California
B) Delhi, India
C) Mumbai, India
D) Mountain View, California
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4)  How many children did Khosla have?
A) 1
B) 3
C) 5
D) 4
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5)  What degree did Khosla finish in Indian Institute of Technology Delhi?
A) Masters in Biomedical Engineering
B) Bachelor of Information Technology
C) Bachelor in Civil Engineering
D) Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering
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6)  Where did Khosla finish his Masters in Biomedical Engineering?
A) Carnegie Mellon University
B) Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
C) Mount St Marys High School
D) Stanford University
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7)  What year did Khosla work for electronic design automation company Daisy Systems?
A) 1980
B) 1989
C) 1982
D) 1988
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8)  What year did Khosla take the position as first chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems?
A) 1982-1985
B) 1982-1984
C) 1980-1984
D) 1983-1985
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9)  What company did Khosla join as a venture capitalist?
A) Daisy Systems
B) Sun Microsystems
C) Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
D) Network File System
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10)  What Indian microfinance company did Khosla invested to lend small loans to poor women in India?
A) SKS Microfinance
B) SKS Financial Life
C) Sun Microsystems
D) Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
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11)  What is Khosla's position in the DonorsChoose San Francisco Bay Area Advisory Board?
B) Chairman
C) Vice-President
D) Honorary Chair
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12)  Who is the wife of Khosla?
A) Nina Khosla
B) Neeru Khosla
C) Veru Khosla
D) Vani Khosla
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13)  What business newspaper did Khosla guest-edited a special issue?
A) Time
B) Forbes
C) The Economic Times (ET)
D) The Indian Times
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14)  What organization did Khosla's wife co-founded in 2006?
A) Dateline NBC
B) SKS Microfinance
C) CK-12 Foundation
D) Khosla Foundation
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15)  Who is the famous personality that announced to join Khosla Ventures in 2010?
A) Tony Blair
B) Barack Obama
C) George Bush
D) Fidel Castro
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16)  What year did Khosla co-founded the Daisy Systems?
A) 1982
B) 1981
C) 1985
D) 1980
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17)  What is Khosla's net worth as of 2013?
A) $1.5 billion
B) $2.5 billion
C) $3.5 billion
D) $4.5 billion
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18)  Where was Khosla's own venture capital firm located?
A) Mountain View, California
B) Los Angeles, California
C) Agoura Hills, California
D) Menlo Park, California
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19)  When was Khosla's own venture capital formed?
A) 2004
B) 2006
C) 2011
D) 2005
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20)  What is the name of Khosla's own venture capital firm?
A) Sun Microsystems
B) CK-12 Foundation
C) Khosla Ventures
D) Vinod Ventures
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