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Twitter Quiz Questions

1)  What is the 140-character message that you can send through Twitter?
A) tweets
D) tweez
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2)  Where is the Twitter Inc. based?
A) Menlo Park, California
B) San Francisco, California
C) Sacramento, California
D) Los Angeles, California
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3)  When was the Twitter launched?
A) June 2007
B) July 2010
C) July 2006
D) July 2009
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4)  What is the NYSE trade name of Twitter?
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5)  What is the short code of Twitter?
A) 40404
B) 50505
C) 18181
D) 22200
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6)  When was the first Twitter message published?
A) 9:50 PM PST
B) 9:50 PM EST
C) 9:50 PM CMT
D) 10:50 PM PST
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7)  When was the Twitter introduced publicly?
A) July 15, 2006
B) July 15, 2007
C) June 15, 2006
D) July 15, 2005
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8)  What was the tipping point of Twitter's popularity?
A) 2010 FIFA World Cup
B) 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup
C) 2007 South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi)
D) 2010 NBA Finals
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9)  How many tweets were posted per quarter in 2008?
A) 10 million
B) 100 million
C) 103 million
D) 20 million
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10)  What was the application developer that Twitter acquired to develop the Apple Design Award-winning Twitter client Tweetie for the Mac and iPhone?
A) Gigbits
B) Atebits
C) Twitbits
D) iBits
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11)  When was the "New Twitter" rolled out to all users?
A) November 1, 2011
B) November 1, 2013
C) November 1, 2012
D) November 1, 2010
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12)  What is the Russian search engine that partnered with Twitter in 2012?
A) Adwords
B) Alexa
C) Yandex
D) Vine
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13)  How many tweets per second were posted during the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup Final between Japan and the United States?
A) 7,190
B) 7,100
C) 7,101
D) 7,196
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14)  When did Twitter open its office in Detroit?
A) April 2011
B) April 2014
C) April 2012
D) April 2010
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15)  What is the sole symbol of Twitter?
A) bird
B) snail
C) flower
D) eagle
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16)  What was the music app for iPhone launched in April 2013?
A) Twitter Music
B) Twitter myMusic
C) Twitter Spot
D) Twitter Notes
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17)  What was the technology firm specializing in "native advertising" for mobile devices that Twitter acquired in June 2014?
A) Yandex
B) Namo Media
C) Trendrr
D) Tumblr
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18)  When did Twitter acquire the small password-security startup Mitro?
A) June 31, 2014
B) July 31, 2014
C) July 21, 2014
D) July 31, 2015
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19)  What is the live streaming of video app that Twitter acquired in March 2015?
A) Periscope
B) Skype
C) Trendrr
D) Namo Media
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20)  What is the name of the bird in the Twitter Logo?
A) Barty the Bird
B) Mike the Bird
C) Tweety Bird
D) Larry the Bird
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