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Tom Cruise Quiz Questions

1)  What is the birth name of Tom Cruise ?
A) Thomas Cruise Mapother
B) Thomas Cruise Hitch III
C) Tom Cruise
D) Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
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2)  What is the height of Tom Cruise ?
A) 5 ft
B) 5ft 7in
C) 5ft 12in
D) 6ft 1in
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3)  Where was Tom Cruise born ?
A) Albany, New York
B) Honolulu, Hawaii
C) Yakima, Washington
D) Syracuse, New York
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4)  Which country has a National Tom Cruise day ?
A) Japan
B) Thailand
C) Mexico
D) Australia
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5)  How many biological children does Tom Cruise have ?
A) 1
B) 3
C) 2
D) 4
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6)  Who was Tom Cruise's first wife ?
A) Katie Holmes
B) Mimi Rogers
C) Angelina Jolie
D) Nicole Kidman
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7)  When did Tom Cruise start his movie career ?
A) 1979
B) 1981
C) 1988
D) 1975
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