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Sundar Pichai Quiz Questions

1)  Where did Sundar Pichai spend his childhood?
A) Mumbai
B) Bangalore
C) Chennai
D) Ahmadabad
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2)  In which year was Pichai born ?
A) 1965
B) 1969
C) 1972
D) 1979
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3)  Which company did Pichai’s father work for as an electrical engineer ?
A) Airbus
B) General Electric
C) Ford
D) Rolls-Royce
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4)  What did Pichai study at IIT Kharagpur ?
A) Mechanical Engineering
B) Software Engineering
C) Chemical Engineering
D) Metallurgical Engineering
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5)  In 2015, Pichai became the CEO of which company ?
A) Apple
B) Microsoft
D) Google
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6)  After studying at IIT Kharagpur, which university awarded Pichai a scholarship ?
A) Stanford
B) Columbia
C) Brown
D) Princeton
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7)  Which of these sports is Pichai a big fan of ?
A) Athletics
B) Golf
C) Cricket
D) Football
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8)  What did Sundar Pichai’s family not own until he was twelve years old ?
A) Car
B) Telephone
C) Computer
D) Motorcycle
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9)  What did Pichai drop out of Stanford to pursue ?
A) A management job at General Electric
B) To start his own software development business
C) To launch the Bing internet browser
D) A management job at Applied Materials
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10)  How many rooms did Pichai’s childhood family apartment have ?
A) Four
B) Three
C) Two
D) One
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11)  In 2002 Pichai completed an MBA at the University of Pennsylvania. After, he was employed as a management consultant at which firm ?
A) The Boston Consultancy Group
B) Mckinsey & Company
C) Bain & Company
D) Ernst & Young
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12)  In which year was Sundar Pichai employed by Google ?
A) 2010
B) 2008
C) 2006
D) 2004
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13)  What did he first work on at Google ?
A) Google Search Toolbar
B) Google Video Player
C) Google+
D) Google Drive
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14)  What Google product, which was officially launched in 2012, did Pichai convince co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to create ?
A) Google+
B) Google Chrome Browser
C) Chromebook
D) Google Maps
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15)  Pichai is known for having a good memory of what ?
A) Addresses
B) Names
C) Constellations
D) Numbers
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16)  Which of these companies is rumoured to have tried to recruit Pichai ?
A) Twitter
C) Apple
D) Facebook
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17)  In 2014, Pichai became Product Chief of which of these products ?
A) Youtube
B) Android
C) Google+
D) AdSense
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18)  Which company was Pichai also considered the position of CEO for ?
A) Microsoft
B) Apple
D) Dropbox
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19)  Sundar Pichai lives with his wife Anjali Pichai and their two children, in a house designed by Robert Swatt, in which state ?
A) Massachusetts
B) Virginia
C) California
D) Maryland
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20)  In 2016 Pichai was given 273,328 shares of Google’s parent company Alphabet. How much were they worth ?
A) $49 Million
B) $99 Million
C) $199 Million
D) $249 Million
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