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Special days celebrated around the world Quiz Questions

1)  When is the "Earth day" celebrated ?
A) 1st January
B) 30th April
C) 22nd April
D) None of the above
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2)  "World Red Cross day" falls on...
A) May 3
B) May 8
C) May 10
D) May 11
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3)  "World Diabetes Day" observed on...
A) November 8
B) November 10
C) November 12
D) November 14
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4)  "Human Rights day" observed on ...
A) December 10
B) December 14
C) December 25
D) December 28
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5)  "Press freedom day" celebrated on...
A) May 2
B) May 3
C) May 4
D) None of the above
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6)  Which day is celebrated as "United Nations day" every year ?
A) 7th April
B) 25th August
C) 24th October
D) 27th December
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7)  Indian celebrates February 28th every year as "National Science day" because on this day...
A) In 1928 C.V. Raman discovered what was later called 'Raman effect'
B) First Indian space craft was launched
C) Vikram Sarabhai was born
D) Nehru laid foundation of science laboratories all over India
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8)  "International Woman's day" observed on...
A) 3rd March
B) 8th March
C) 27th January
D) 15th October
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9)  "December 1st" observed as ...
A) World day for War orphans
B) United National Day for South-South Cooperation
C) World Aids Day
D) International Human Solidarity Day
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10)  When is "World Day of Peace" observed ?
A) January 1st
B) January 24th
C) October 24th
D) November 14th
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11)  In tribute to Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of brotherhood and Peace, the UN General Assembly declared his birth anniversary, "October 2" as the ...
A) International Day of Non-Violence
B) International Day of co-operation
C) International Day of peace and Co-Operation
D) International Day of Peace and Non-Violence
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12)  When is "World Teachers Day" observed in India ?
A) October 5
B) December 30
C) October 27
D) October 10
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13)  "November 9" observed as ...
A) World Freedom Day
B) United Nations Day for south-South Cooperation
C) Labour Day
D) World Alzheimer's Day
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14)  "May 8" observed as ...
A) International Cooperative Day
B) United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation
C) World Red Cross & Red Crescent Day
D) International day of Deliberately Unemployed
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15)  When is "International Day of Engineers", recognized by India, in remembrance of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya is observed ?
A) December 11
B) July 11
C) September 15
D) August 9
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16)  When is World Day against "Child Labour" observed ?
A) December 11
B) December 20
C) June 12
D) June 5
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17)  Which of the following days is celebrated as the "International Labour Day" ?
A) January 1
B) July 21
C) Dec 31
D) May 1
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18)  When the “World Mothers Day” observed ...
A) May 5th
B) April 29th
C) May 10th
D) None of the above
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19)  When is the "World Environment Day" celebrated ?
A) June 5th
B) April 7th
C) October 24th
D) None of the above
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20)  "World Health Day" Observed on ...
A) April 2nd
B) April 7th
C) April 25th
D) May 20th
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