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Ricky Ponting Quiz Questions

1)  How is Ponting commonly called by his friends?
A) Punter
B) Thomas
C) Ricky
D) Pont
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2)  What is Ponting's batting style?
A) left-hand bat
B) right-hand bat
C) bowler
D) none of the above
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3)  What team did Ponting lead as a captain between 2004-2011?
A) Tasmanian Tigers
B) Hobart Hurricanes
C) Premier League
D) Australia national cricket team
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4)  What is Ponting's role in his team?
A) bowler
B) captain
C) batsman
D) none of the above
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5)  When did Ponting reach the highest rating achieved by a Test batsman in the last 50 years?
A) December 1, 2007
B) December 11, 2006
C) December 1, 2006
D) December 1, 2008
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6)  How old was Ponting when he became the youngest Tasmanian to play in a Sheffield Shield match?
A) 15 years old
B) 17 years old
C) 18 years old
D) 20 years old
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7)  What is Ponting's Test batting average when he retired?
A) 51.85
B) 50.85
C) 51
D) 50
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8)  Where was Ponting born?
A) Calcutta, Indian
B) Melbourne
C) Launceston, Tasmania
D) Sydney
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9)  When did Ponting make his first-class debut?
A) November 1993
B) November 1992
C) November 1994
D) November 1995
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10)  Who was Ponting's uncle who also played test cricket?
A) Grame Ponting
B) George Campbell
C) Sachin Tendulkar
D) Greg Campbell
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11)  When did Ponting get married?
A) June 2004
B) June 2002
C) June 2005
D) July 2002
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12)  Who is the wife of Ponting?
A) Lorrain Ponting
B) Lara Brians
C) Emmy Charlotte
D) Rianna Jennifer Cantor
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13)  When did Ponting announc his retirement from Test cricket?
A) Nov. 29, 2014
B) Nov. 29, 2012
C) Nov. 20, 2012
D) Nov. 29, 2013
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14)  What is the title of Pontings autobiography?
A) Ponting: At the Close of Play
B) Ashes Diary
C) Captain's Diary 2007
D) Ponting: A Cricketer
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15)  What is Ponting's score against India which gives him the record for the highest individual score in a test innings in a losing cause?
A) 250
B) 252
C) 242
D) 262
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16)  What was the team the Ponting represented in the Australian domestic cricket?
A) Tasmanian Tigers
B) Hobart Hurricanes
C) Kolkata Knight Riders
D) Indian Premier League
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17)  What year did Ponting have his One Day International (ODI) debut?
A) 1996
B) 1998
C) 1995
D) 1991
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18)  When was Ponting's autobiography published and released?
A) Nov. 2013
B) Nov. 2014
C) Nov. 2012
D) Oct. 2013
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19)  How many wins did Ponting have to give him the record as the player with most ODI victories as a player?
A) 252
B) 232
C) 222
D) 262
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20)  When did Ponting sign to play for the English County side Surrey?
A) 2013
B) 2015
C) 2012
D) 2014
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