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Pound Sterling Quiz Questions

1)  What is the symbol of the pound sterling?
A) £
B) $
C) P
D) R
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2)  What is the ISO code of the pound?
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3)  What is the Central Bank of the pound?
A) Bank of Europe
B) Bank of England
C) Bank of London
D) Central Reserve of England
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4)  How is the pound subdivided?
A) 10 pence
B) 1/10 pence
C) 1/100
D) 100 pence
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5)  What is the symbol of penny?
A) s
B) pn
C) py
D) p
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6)  How many pounds is a single penny?
A) 1/10
B) 1/100
C) 100
D) 10
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7)  What is the local sterling of Guernsey?
A) Surn Pound
B) Sterling
C) Guernsey pound
D) Guern pound
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8)  What is the common term of the pound sterling?
A) pound
B) ster
C) s
D) buck
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9)  What is the abbreviation for pound sterling?
A) ster.
B) st
C) ps
D) s
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10)  What is the pound commonly referred to among the Forex traders?
A) wire
B) buck
C) central
D) cable
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11)  Where was the pound sign derived?
A) leo, shilling, and denarius
B) libra, solidus, and denarius
C) libra, solidus, and denar
D) libra and denarius
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12)  What is the commonly slang term for pound?
A) quid
B) sterl
C) squid
D) pi
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13)  When was the issue of decimal halfpenny stopped?
A) 1988
B) 1984
C) 1981
D) 1982
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14)  During the pre-decimal period, how many shillings are there in one pound?
A) 10
B) 12
C) 20
D) 15
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15)  What was the symbol for shillings?
A) p
B) s
C) st
D) stng
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16)  What year was new gold coinage introduced based on the 22 carat fine guinea?
A) 1660
B) 1667
C) 1663
D) 1666
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17)  How many pounds Scots were there in 1 pound sterling?
A) 20
B) 12
C) 100
D) 10
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18)  When did the UK decimalised?
A) Feb. 15, 1971
B) Feb. 15, 1972
C) Feb. 15, 1977
D) Feb. 15, 1973
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19)  When was the shillings introduced?
A) 1488
B) 1874
C) 1487
D) 1877
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20)  What was the bank that issued the first sterling notes?
A) Bank of London
B) Bank of England
C) Bank of Europe
D) Federal Bank of England
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