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Nike Quiz Questions

1)  What is the first name of Nike before it became Nike, Inc.?
A) Blue Ribbon Sports
B) Red Ribbon Sports
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2)  When did the company, BRS called Nike Inc.?
A) 1964
B) 1971
C) 1977
D) 1972
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3)  What is the trademark of Nike?
A) Just Do It
B) Let's Do It
C) Go for It
D) Do It
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4)  What is the logo of Nike?
A) bird
B) lamp
C) Swoosh
D) Tiger
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5)  What was the Japanese shoe maker that Nike became the distributor in 1964?
A) Cole Haan
B) Onitsuka Tiger
C) Taisuka Tiger
D) Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings Dongguan
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6)  Who was the student athlete that claimed that the first pair of Nike was made by Bowerman for him?
A) Cole Haan
B) Phil Knight
C) Otis Davis
D) Carolyn Davidson
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7)  Where is the first retail store of BRS located?
A) Santa Monica, California
B) Santa Clara, California
C) San Jose, California
D) Menlo Park, California
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8)  Who was the designer of the Swoosh logo of Nike?
A) Otis Davis
B) Carolyn Davidson
C) Bill Bowerman
D) Gary Gilmore
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9)  When did Nike use the Swoosh logo?
A) June 18, 1972
B) June 18, 1977
C) June 18, 1971
D) June 18, 1973
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10)  What is the surf apparel company bought by Nike in 2002?
A) Hurley International
B) Converse Inc.
C) Cole Haan
D) Umbro
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11)  What year was the Air Jordan XX3 introduced?
A) 2008
B) 2009
C) 1999
D) 2005
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12)  When did Nike register the Swoosh with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office?
A) January 24, 1977
B) January 24, 1976
C) June 24, 1974
D) January 24, 1974
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13)  What is the first advertising agency of Nike hired in 1976?
A) John Brown and Partners
B) CorpWatch
C) Climate Counts
D) Nike Grind
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14)  What is the first brand ad of Nike?
A) Get to the finish line
B) Move
C) There is no finish line
D) The Morning After
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15)  Who was featured in the Nike's first "Just Do It" advertisement in 1988?
A) Marlon Devonish
B) Walt Stack
C) Justin Gatlin
D) Michael Moore
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16)  When did Nike move its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon?
A) 1995
B) 1991
C) 1998
D) 1990
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17)  When did Phil Knight announce his plan to step down as chairman of Nike in 2016?
A) 2016
B) 2001
C) 2005
D) 2015
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18)  What is the upscale footwear company that became the first acquisition of Nike in 1988?
A) Converse, Inc.
B) Cole Haan
C) Umbro
D) Hurley International
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19)  What year did Nike acquire Converse?
A) 2005
B) 2001
C) 2006
D) 2003
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20)  What is the commercial that earned Nike its first Emmy Award for best commercial?
A) Move
B) Get to the finish line
C) The Morning After
D) Stand and Move
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