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Napoleon Bonaparte Quiz Questions

1)  What is the nationality of Napoleon?
A) French
B) Greek
C) Spanish
D) Portuguese
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2)  When was the first reign of Napoleon as Emperor of the French?
A) 1804-1810
B) 1804-1814
C) 1814-1834
D) 1804-1804
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3)  Where was Napoleon born?
A) Les Invalides, Paris, France
B) Longwood, Saint Helena
C) Corsica, France
D) island of Saint Helena
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4)  What is considered as Napoleon's lasting legal achievement?
A) Confederation of the Rhine
B) Napoleon Reform Movement
C) Confederation of the Napoleonic Code
D) Napoleonic Code
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5)  How old was Napoleon when he received the command of Army of Italy?
A) 22
B) 15
C) 26
D) 10
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6)  What year did Napoleon left Corsica?
A) 1799
B) 1780
C) 1793
D) 1788
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7)  What was the system established by Napoleon on 1806 which led to the cut off of European trade with Britain?
A) Continental System
B) Napoleonic System
C) European System
D) British System
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8)  Who was Napoleon's brother that he declared the King of Spain 1808?
A) Raul
B) Carlo
C) Francis
D) Joseph
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9)  What was the battle where Napoleon defeated the Austrians which led to the dissolving for the Fifth Coalition formed against France?
A) Battle of Austerlitz
B) Battle of Trafalgar
C) Battle of Wagram
D) Peninsular War
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10)  Where is Napoleon's final resting place located?
A) Paris, France
B) Longwood, Saint Helena
C) Corsica, France
D) Berkshire; Brunswick
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11)  Where was Napoleon exiled after he was abdicated in April 1814?
A) island of St Helena
B) island of Elba
C) Corsica, France
D) Paris, France
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12)  How old was Napoleon when he died?
A) 55
B) 52
C) 45
D) 51
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13)  What is the name of Napoleon's father?
A) Carlo Buonaparte
B) Joseph Fesch
C) Pasquale Paoli
D) Archduke Charles
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14)  How many siblings did Napoleon have?
A) 8
B) 7
C) 5
D) none
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15)  What was the profession of Napoleon's father?
A) professor
B) farmer
C) attorney
D) statesman
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16)  What was the religion of Napoleon?
A) Catholic
B) Mormons
C) Anglican
D) Protestant
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17)  Where did Napoleon complete his studies in 1784?
A) Genoa
B) Brunswick
C) Paris
D) Brienne
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18)  Who was the famous scientist that examined Napoleon in École Militaire?
A) Pierre-Simon Laplace
B) Archduke Charles
C) Baron Antoine-Jean Gros
D) Pasquale Paoli
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19)  What year did Napoleon published the pro-republican pamphlet entitled Le souper de Beaucaire (Supper at Beaucaire)?
A) 1793
B) 1789
C) 1788
D) 1795
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20)  What was the cause of Napoleon's death according to Napoleon's physician, François Carlo Antommarchi?
A) poisoned
B) natural death
C) stomach cancer
D) hyperventilation
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