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Microsoft Quiz Questions

1)  What is the best known software product of Microsoft?
A) Microsoft Windows
B) Microsoft Office
C) Skype Technologies
D) Microsoft Kin
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2)  Who are the founders of Microsoft?
A) Mark Zuckerberg
B) Larry Page
C) Bill Gates & Paul Allen
D) Jeff Bezos
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3)  What is the largest acquisition of Microsoft that was acquired in May 2011?
A) Skype Technologies
B) Bing
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4)  What is the line of tablet computers launched by Microsoft in June 2012?
A) Microsoft Kin
B) Microsoft Windows
C) Microsoft Surface
D) Microsoft Office
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5)  When was the Microsoft established?
A) April 4, 1974
B) April 4, 1975
C) April 4, 1976
D) April 4, 1977
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6)  What is the origin of the word "Microsoft"?
A) microcomputer & software
B) microproduct & software
C) microcomputer & softproduct
D) microware & software
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7)  Where is the first international office of Microsoft located?
A) Japan
B) England
C) India
D) Switzerland
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8)  What was the first OS of Microsoft called?
A) Kin
B) Windows
C) Xenix
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9)  What was the company that awarded a contract to Microsoft to develop the OS for their new line of PCs?
B) Xenix
C) Honeywell
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10)  What was the brand name given to the CP/M after Microsoft purchased it from Seattle Computer Products?
A) Windows Vista
B) Xenix
C) Novell
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11)  When was the Microsoft Mouse released?
A) 1983
B) 1988
C) 1987
D) 1984
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12)  What is the graphical extension of MS-DOS launched on 1985 called?
A) Microsoft Kin
B) Vista
C) Xenix
D) Microsoft Windows
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13)  When was the Microsoft launched publicly?
A) March 13, 1987
B) May 13, 1986
C) March 13, 1986
D) March 13, 1985
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14)  What is the OS released in 1996 which is a version meant for personal digital assistants and other tiny computers?
A) Windows Vista
B) Windows CE
D) Xenix
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15)  What is the web browser that was included in the Windows 95 Plus! pack?
A) Google Chrome
B) Firefox
C) Internet Explorer
D) Torch
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16)  What is the 24/7 cable news station of Microsoft and NBC Universal?
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17)  When did Microsoft introduce the Microsoft Office?
A) 1990
B) 1997
C) 1991
D) 1992
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18)  Who did the design of the Microsoft logo in 1987?
A) Steve Jobs
B) Bill Gates
C) Paul Allen
D) Scott Baker
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19)  What is the Microsoft's corporate headquarters informally known?
A) Microsoft Complex
B) Microsoft Redmond Campus
C) Microsoft Campus
D) Microsoft Court
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20)  Who was appointed as chairman of Microsoft after Bill Gates step down from the position to become more active within the company as Technology Advisor?
A) Paul Allen
B) John W. Thompson
C) Steve Ballmer
D) Phil Radford
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