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Maria Sharapova Quiz Questions

1)  What is the nationality of Sharapova?
A) Russian
B) Lebanese
C) American
D) Korean
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2)  When did Sharapova start competing for WTA tour?
A) 2005
B) 2002
C) 2011
D) 2001
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3)  Where did Sharapova earn her silver medal for Russia in women's singles?
A) Sochi Olympics
B) 2013 Summer Olympics in London
C) 2012 Summer Olympics in London
D) Russian Olympics
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4)  When was Sharapova born?
A) April 22, 1987
B) April 19, 1987
C) April 19, 1977
D) April 19, 1988
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5)  Where is Sharapova currently residing?
A) United States
B) Russia
C) Wimbledon
D) Australia
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6)  What age was Sharapova when she began practicing tennis regularly?
A) 9 years old
B) 4 years old
C) 3 years old
D) 15 years old
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7)  Who was the veteran coach that taught Sharapova her first tennis lessons?
A) Nick Bollettieri
B) Yuri Sharapova
C) Rick Macci
D) Yuri Yutkin
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8)  Where did Sharapova take her professional training for tennis?
A) Rick Macci Tennis Academy
B) Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy
C) Martina Navratilova Academy
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9)  Who was with Sharapova when she moved to the US?
A) mother
B) brother
C) father
D) none
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10)  What year did Sharapova make it to IMG?
A) 1996
B) 1994
C) 2000
D) 1995
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11)  Who was Sharapova's trainor before she was signed by IMG?
A) Rick Macci
B) Martina Navratilova
C) Yuri Yutriv
D) Monica Seles
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12)  What competition did Sharapova win and became her first hit in the tennis scene?
A) Pacific Life Open
B) WTA Tournament
C) Eddie Herr International Junior Tennis Championships
D) Summer Olympics
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13)  What year did Sharapova play her first WTA Tournament?
A) 2005
B) 2002
C) 2001
D) 2000
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14)  Who defeated Sharapova in her first WTA Tournament?
A) Yuri Yutriv
B) Rick Macci
C) Nick Bollettieri
D) Monica Seles
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15)  What was the special distinction given to Sharapova after she made her first hit in tennis scene?
A) Best Player Award
B) Rising Star Award
C) Youngest Player Award
D) MVP Award
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16)  What was Sharapova's rank in the ITF Junior World Singles in 2002?
A) 7th
B) 2nd
C) 6th
D) 4th
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17)  Who was the Slovenian professional basketball that Sharapova got engaged to in 2011?
A) Adam Levine
B) Grigor Dimitrov
C) Charlie Ebersol
D) Sasha Vujacic
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18)  How old was Sharapova when she moved to the US?
A) 8
B) 1
C) 7
D) 2
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19)  What was organization that appointed Sharapova as their Goodwill Ambassador?
A) Unicef
B) World Food Programme
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20)  What year did Sharapova first rank as the highest female athlete in the world?
A) 2006
B) 2007
C) 2012
D) 2004
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