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Lake Superior Quiz Questions

1)  What is the US State west of the Lake Superior?
A) Minnesota
B) Michigan
C) Florida
D) West Virginia
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2)  Where is the primary ouflow of Lake Superior located?
A) Lake Huron
B) St. Mary's River
C) St. Louis River
D) Lake Michigan
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3)  How do the Ojibwe call the Lake Superior?
A) Kitchi-gicho
B) gichi-gitchie
C) gaichi-kimi
D) gichi-gami
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4)  When was the Lake Superior's lowest water level recorded?
A) September 2000
B) September 2007
C) September 2008
D) September 2011
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5)  What is the lake type of Lake Superior?
A) Oligotrophic
B) Glacial
C) Eutrophic
D) Salty
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6)  What is the surface area of Lake Superior?
A) 31,500 square miles
B) 33,700 square miles
C) 31,700 square miles
D) 33,800 square miles
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7)  What was the agency that regulated the diversions of water from the Hudson Bay watershed?
A) Lake Superior NOAA
B) Great Lakes Coast Watch
C) International Lake Superior Board of Control
D) EPA's Great Lakes Atlas
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8)  What are the basin countries of Lake Superior?
A) US and Guam
B) US and Canada
C) Canada and Mexico
D) Canada and Guam
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9)  What is the largest island in Lake Superior?
A) Madeline Island
B) Marianas Island
C) Isle Royale
D) Grand Island
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10)  How did the first French explorers call the Lake Superior during their exploration in 17th century?
A) royal island
B) great lake
C) big lake
D) le lac superieur
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11)  When did the last warships sink in the great lakes during a Lake Superior storm?
A) 1920
B) 1950
C) 1955
D) 1918
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12)  What were the first people that came to Lake Superior?
A) Ojibwe
B) Plano
C) Laurel
D) Cree
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13)  Who were the inhabitants of Lake Superior during 500 BC to AD 500 that developed seine net fishing?
A) Laurel people
B) Plano
C) Cree
D) Indians
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14)  What was the last major shipwreck on Lake Superior that happened on November 10, 1975?
A) Inkerman and Cerisoles
B) Cyprus
C) SS Edmund Fitzgerald
D) Grand Marais
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15)  What part of the Lake Superior where more ships have been lost than any other part of lake?
A) Whitefish Point
B) Underwater Preserve
C) Grand Marais
D) Westpoint
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16)  What is the designated scenic road system connecting all of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River?
A) Highway 17: A Scenic Route
B) NOAA Technical Route
C) Lake superior Route
D) Great Lakes Circle Tour
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17)  How does the historian Frederick Stonehouse call the southern shore of Lake Superior between Grand Marais, Michigan, and Whitefish Point?
A) Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve
B) Cyprus
C) The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
D) Graveyard of the Great Lakes
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18)  What were the people that inhabited in Lake Superior during 5000–500 BC?
A) Shield Archaic
B) Laurel
C) Indians
D) Cree
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19)  What was the ore carrier that sank in Lake Superior on October 11, 1907?
A) Cyprus
B) SS Edmund Fitzgerald
C) Inkerman and Cerisoles
D) Mataafa
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20)  How many species of fish were found in Lake Superior?
A) over 100
B) over 50
C) over 30
D) over 80
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