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Julius Caesar Quiz Questions

1)  Where was Caesar born?
A) Britain
B) Rome
C) Egypt
D) Persia
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2)  How old was Caesar when he died?
A) 50
B) 45
C) 55
D) 32
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3)  What is the only surviving statue created during Caesar's lifetime?
A) Crassus portrait
B) Pompey portrait
C) Suetonius portrait
D) Tusculum portrait
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4)  What was the political party of Caesar?
A) Populares
B) Suetonius
C) Suetonius
D) Sallust
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5)  What was the religion of Caesar?
A) Roman Catholic
B) Roman Polytheism
C) Hinduism
D) Islam
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6)  How many spouses did Caesar have?
A) 4
B) 1
C) 5
D) 3
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7)  Who was the senator that led the assassination of Caesar?
A) Marcus Junius Brutus
B) Aurelia Cotta
C) Lucius Cornelius Sulla
D) Marcus Minucius Thermus
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8)  Who was the adopted heir of Caesar?
A) Caesarion
B) Augustus
C) Marcus
D) Octavius
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9)  What is the name of Caesar's mother?
A) Julia Cotta
B) Cornelius Cinna
C) Aurelia Cotta
D) Cisalpine Gaul
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10)  How old was caesar when his father died?
A) 16
B) 10
C) 15
D) 21
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11)  Who did Caesar marry when he was nominated to be the new high priest of Jupiter?
A) Julia
B) Cornelia
C) Aurelia
D) Laura
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12)  When did Caesar win the Civic Crown?
A) Gulf War
B) Ides of March
C) Conquest of Gaul
D) Siege of Mytilene
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13)  Where did Caesar stay when he returned to Rome after hearing Sulla's death?
A) Subura
B) Pompey
C) Rome
D) Bithynia
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14)  When did caesar's first wife, Cornelia, die?
A) 70 BC
B) 69 BC
C) 50 BC
D) 35 BC
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15)  What was the post ran by Caesar in 63 BC?
A) Minucius Thermus
B) Vestal Virgins
C) Pontifex Maximus
D) Civic Crown
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16)  Who was one of Rome's richest men that helped Caesar pay his debts in return for political support in his opposition to the interests of Pompey?
A) Lucius Cornelius Sulla
B) Marcus Licinius Crassus
C) Marcus Bibulus
D) Cisalpine Gaul
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17)  When did Caesar win the Battle of the Nile, installing Cleopatra as ruler?
A) 50 BC
B) 47 BC
C) 36 BC
D) 54 BC
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18)  What was the name of Caesar's son with Cleopatra?
A) Alexander
B) Caesaria
C) Caesarion
D) Caesar
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19)  Who was Caesar's next heir should his principal heir, Octavian, die before he did?
A) Decimus Junius Brutus
B) Mark Antony
C) Alexander
D) Augustus
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20)  When was Caesar assassinated?
A) Pontifex Maximus
B) Siege of Mytilene
C) Conquest of Gaul
D) Ides of March
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