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Jan Koum Quiz Questions

1)  Who is Koum's co-founder for the application, WhatsApp?
A) Brian Acton
B) Alex Fishman
C) Mark Zuckerberg
D) Erns Young
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2)  Where is Koum's home town?
A) Fastive, Ukraine
B) Mountain View, California
C) Mumbai, India
D) San Jose, California
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3)  What company bought Koum’s app, WhatsApp?
B) Microsoft
C) Facebook, Inc.
D) Oracle
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4)  What is his position in the Forbes list of richest American in 2014?
A) 55
B) 8
C) 52
D) 62
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5)  What is Koum's nationality?
A) Mexican
B) American
C) Jewish
D) Spanish
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6)  When did Koum move to the US?
A) 1994
B) 1992
C) 1999
D) 2009
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7)  What was Koum's job after he moved to the US?
A) cleaner
B) farmer
C) security tester
D) programmer
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8)  At what age did he become interested with programming?
A) 19
B) 15
C) 16
D) 18
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9)  What university did Koum enroll for college?
A) San Jose State University
B) California University
C) Harvard University
D) none
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10)  Where did Koum work as a security tester while studying?
A) Walmart
B) Best Buy
C) Ernst & Young
D) grocery store
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11)  When did Koum incorporate the WhatsApp Inc.?
A) Feb. 24, 2014
B) Feb. 25, 2009
C) Feb. 24, 2012
D) Feb. 24, 2009
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12)  Where did Koum incorporate the WhatsApp Inc.?
A) California
B) Ukraine
C) Nevada
D) Texas
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13)  What group of hackers did Koum become a member?
A) w00w00
B) h00h00
C) WhatsApp Inc.
D) Yahoo
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14)  Where did Koum work as an infrastructure engineer?
A) Yahoo
B) Facebook Inc.
C) Google
D) Bing
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15)  When did Koum receive a restraining order for verbally and physically threatening an ex-girlfriend?
A) Jan. 1996
B) Feb. 1996
C) Feb. 2006
D) March 1996
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16)  When did Koum formally receive a deal from Zuckerberg for the WhatsApp to join the Facebook board?
A) Feb 9th, 2012
B) Feb 9th, 2014
C) Feb 9th, 2009
D) Feb 24th, 2012
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17)  How many years did Koum and Acton worked for Yahoo?
A) 8
B) 11
C) 7
D) 9
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18)  When did Koum and Acton leave Yahoo?
A) September 2007
B) September 2008
C) September 2012
D) September 1997
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19)  Who was Koum’s friend whom he talked with about the app he wanted to develop?
A) Brian Acton
B) Alex Fishman
C) Mark Zuckerberg
D) none of the above
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20)  What year did Facebook Inc. finally acquired Koum's WhatsApp?
A) February 2014
B) February 2012
C) February 2009
D) February 2007
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