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Don Bradman Quiz Questions

1)  What is the full name of Don Bradman?
A) Sir Donald George Bradman
B) George Bradman
C) Bradley Bradman
D) Donald Bradman
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2)  What is Bradman's test batting average?
A) 90
B) 99.99
C) 99.94
D) 94
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3)  How old was Bradman when he died?
A) 90
B) 99
C) 92
D) 80
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4)  What was the role of Bradman in cricket?
A) Batsman
B) Forward
C) Center
D) Captain
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5)  What year did Bradman have his last test?
A) 1948
B) 1944
C) 1945
D) 1947
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6)  Where is Bradman's final resting place located?
A) Kensington Park, South Australia
B) Cootamundra, New South Wales
C) Sydney, Australia
D) Melbourne, Australia
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7)  What was the name of Bradman's team after the 2nd World War?
A) The Invincibles
B) The Crickets
C) The Invisible
D) The Batsman
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8)  Who was the Prime minister that hailed Bradman as the "greatest living Australian"?
A) Fidel Castro
B) John Howard
C) George Howard
D) Mike Coward
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9)  What year was Bradman inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame?
A) 2005
B) 2009
C) 2014
D) 2001
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10)  How many sisters did Bradman have?
A) 3
B) 4
C) 2
D) none
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11)  What was the school of Bradman where he hit his first century?
A) Bowral Public School
B) NSW Middle School
C) Austalian High School
D) Mittagong High School
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12)  What year did Bradman leave school?
A) 1921
B) 1922
C) 1930
D) 1933
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13)  What was Bradman's age when he made his first-class debut?
A) 11
B) 19
C) 18
D) 22
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14)  What was Bradman's team when he made his first-class debut?
A) The Invincibles
B) Australian Mint
C) Adelaide Oval
D) NSW Oval
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15)  What was Bradman's nickname among his teammates?
A) Don
B) Braddies
C) Sir George
D) the Boy from Bowral
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16)  What was the name of Bradman's wife?
A) Martha Bradman
B) Jessie Martha Menzies
C) Shirley Bradman
D) Minda Menzies
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17)  When did Bradman marry his wife?
A) April 30, 1933
B) April 30, 1932
C) April 30, 1934
D) April 19, 1932
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18)  What was the name of Bradman's daughter?
A) Shirley
B) Martha
C) Jessie
D) Trina
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19)  What year did Bradman make his 270 runs, the greatest innings on all time?
A) 1933
B) 1937
C) 1934
D) 1936
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20)  Who selected Bradman as one the Six Giants of the Wisden Century?
A) John Howard
B) Kim Beazley
C) John Bradman
D) Neville Cardus
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