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Christy Walton Quiz Questions

1)  What is Christy Walton's maiden name?
A) Tallant
B) Walmart
C) Conde
D) San Diego
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2)  Who is the name Christy Walton's late husband?
A) Sam Walton
B) John Walton
C) Lukas Walton
D) Jacob Walton
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3)  Where is Walton currently residing?
A) Texas, Nevada
B) Santa Fe, New Mexico
C) Jackson, Wyoming
D) El Paso, Texas
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4)  What is the name of Christ Walton's son?
A) Lukas Walton
B) Sam Walton
C) John Walton
D) Jacob Walton
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5)  When did Walton's husband died?
A) 2007
B) 2004
C) 2015
D) 2005
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6)  How much fortune did Walton inherit from her late husband?
A) US$17.2 billion
B) US$18.2 billion
C) US$18.5 billion
D) US$19.2 billion
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7)  What magazine featured Walton as the highest female philanthropist?
A) Forbes
B) Time
C) Conde Nast Portfolion magazine
D) Rogue
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8)  What is the name of Walton family's own charitable foundation?
A) The Philanthropy Roundtable
B) The San Diego Natural History Museum
C) Mingei International Museum
D) Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation
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9)  What is the name of the production company Walton financed for a film adaptation?
A) Mexican Productions
B) Plaza Productions
C) Tenaja Productions
D) Warner Bros. Productions
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10)  What is Walton's estimated net worth as of March, 2014?
A) US$36.2 billion
B) US$37.7 billion
C) US$36.5 billion
D) US$36.7 billion
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11)  What year did Walton nee Tallant got arrested after a raid was conducted?
A) 1971
B) 1970
C) 1999
D) 1982
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12)  What court acquitted Walton and another defendant when she was arrested and charged?
A) Supreme Court of Wyoming
B) Supreme Court of California
C) Supreme Court of Arkansas
D) Supreme Court of Texas
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13)  What is the title of the film adaptation financed by Walton?
A) Bless Me, Ultima
B) Bless Me
C) Ultima
D) Tenaja
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14)  What is the citizenship of Walton?
A) Mexican
B) American
C) Portuguese
D) Spanish
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15)  How much did her family's foundation donated in 2007?
A) $1.6 million
B) $1.6 billion
C) $2.6 billion
D) $2.6 million
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16)  What is her rank as the richest woman in the world?
A) 3rd
B) 2nd
C) 1st
D) 4th
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17)  Aside from Walmart, what other company her fortune came from?
A) First Solar
B) Tenaja Productions
D) Best Buy
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18)  When did Walton donate her own old Victorian home?
A) 2007
B) 2004
C) 2006
D) 2005
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19)  Which of the following NGO Walton serves as a board member?
A) The San Diego Natural History Museum
B) Mingei International Museum
C) San Diego Zoological Society
D) The Philanthropy Roundtable
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20)  What magazine ranked Walton as the 6th richest person in the United States?
A) Time
B) Conde Nast
C) Giving Index
D) Forbes
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