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Charles Koch Quiz Questions

1)  Where is Koch currently residing?
A) Los Angeles, California
B) Mountain View, California
C) Wichita, Kansas
D) Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
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2)  Whom did Koch inherit their business?
A) David Koch
B) Fred Koch
C) Chase Koch
D) Charles Koch
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3)  Who is Charles Koch's brother that serves as the Executive Vice President of Koch Industries?
A) Fred Koch
B) Chase Koch
C) David Koch
D) Bill Koch
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4)  What is the name of the book Koch published in 2007?
A) The Science of Success
B) The Art of Success
C) The Secrets of Success
D) The Story of my Success
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5)  When was Koch ranked as the 9th richest person in the world by Hurun Report?
A) 2013
B) 2015
C) 2014
D) 2004
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6)  Where did Koch finish his studies?
A) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B) George Mason University
C) Institute for Humane Studies
D) Mercatus Cente
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7)  What is the name of Koch's mother?
A) Elizabeth Koch
B) Mary Koch
C) Mary Robinson
D) Unknown
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8)  What was Koch's fraternity?
A) Alpha Phi Beta
B) Gamma Beta Phi
C) Beta Phi Theta
D) Beta Theta Pi
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9)  What degree did Koch finish in College?
A) Bachelor of Science in General Engineering
B) Bachelor of Science in Economics
C) Business Administration
D) Finance and Economics
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10)  What year did Koch finish his masters in mechanical engineering?
A) 1953
B) 1957
C) 1966
D) 1954
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11)  What was the company Koch worked after college?
A) Oracle
C) Arthur D. Little, Inc.
D) Microsoft
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12)  What was the name Koch's father's company?
A) Rock Island Oil Company
B) City Oil & Refining Company
C) Rock Island Oil & Refining Company
D) Rock Island Company
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13)  What is the name of Koch's wife?
A) Beth
B) Nadia
C) Liz
D) None
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14)  What year Koch started as director of Entrust Financial Corp and Koch Industries?
A) 1982
B) 1986
C) 1985
D) 1988
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15)  How many children did Koch have?
A) 4
B) 3
C) 1
D) 2
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16)  What illness did Charles Koch and other three brothers have suffered?
A) prostate cancer
B) lung cancer
C) leukemia
D) brain cancer
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17)  What was award Koch received in 2011?
A) Governor's Arts Patrons Award
B) William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership
C) The Distinguished Citizen Award
D) The Spirit of Justice Award
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18)  What year did Koch married his wife?
A) 1988
B) 1972
C) 1976
D) 1973
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19)  What university awarded Koch the Honorary Doctor of Science?
A) The Council for National Policy
B) George Mason University
C) Washburn University
D) University of Kansas
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20)  What year was Koch awarded President's Medal from Wichita State University?
A) 2000
B) 2005
C) 2007
D) 2004
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