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Buddha and Buddhism Quiz Questions

1)  Buddha means...
A) The enlightened one
B) The religious preacher
C) The genius
D) The powerful
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2)  Buddha lived approximately at the same time as ...
A) Hammurabi
B) Moses
C) Prophet Mohammad
D) Confucius
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3)  Who is known as the 'Light of Asia' ?
A) Jesus Christ
B) Lord Buddha
C) Prophet Mohammad
D) Zarathustra
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4)  The Lumbini was the birth place of Buddha is attested by an inscription of...
A) Pushuamitra Sung
B) Kanishka
C) Ashoka
D) Harsha
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5)  In Buddhism... What does 'Patimokkha' stands for ?
A) The questions of King Menander
B) The rules of the Sangha
C) A description of Hiragana Buddhism
D) A description of Mahayana Buddhism
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6)  Where did Lord Buddha breathe his last (Mahaparinirvan) ?
A) Kushinagar
B) Sarnath
C) Bodh Gaya
D) Rajgir
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7)  Where the largest monolithic statue of Buddha has been installed ?
A) Bamiyan
B) Hyderabad
C) Kandy
D) Lhasa
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8)  Which among the following is the sacred book of the Buddhists ?
A) Upanishad
B) Vedas
C) Tripitaka
D) Agams
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9)  In which state of India, the 'Nalanda University' located in India ?
A) West Bengal
B) Bihar
C) Orissa
D) Uttar Pradesh
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10)  Who was the author of 'Buddha Charita' ?
A) Asvaghosha
B) Nagasena
C) Nagarjuna
D) Shankaracharya
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11)  Buddha's preaching were mainly related to...
A) Belief in one god
B) Practice of rituals
C) Purity of thought and conduct
D) Idol worship
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12)  Where did Gautama Buddha delivered his first sermon, known as "Dharma Chakra Pravartan" ?
A) Sanchi
B) Sarnath
C) Sravasti
D) Bodh Gaya
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13)  Buddha was born at ...
A) Vaishali
B) Kapilvastu
C) Pataliputra
D) Lumbini
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14)  Mahabodhi Temple has been built at Bodh Gaya Where ...
A) Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment
B) Gautama Buddha passed away
C) Gautama Buddha delivered his first sermon
D) Gautama Buddha was born
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15)  Gautama Buddha was elevated to the position of God by the time of ...
A) Ashoka
B) Kanishka
C) Chandragupta Vikramaditya
D) Harsha
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16)  'The first Buddhist Council' was held in which of the following city ?
A) Nalanda
B) Gaya
C) Rajgriha
D) Bodh Gaya
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