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Adolf Hitler Quiz Questions

1)  Birth Place of Adolf Hitler ?

A) Germany
B) Austria
C) Romania
D) Switzerland
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2)  When did Hitler applied for German citizenship ?
A) 1931
B) 1932
C) 1936
D) 1937
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3)  Whose picture did Hitler have next to his desk ?
A) Henry Ford
B) Marlene Dietrich
C) Friedrich Nietzsche
D) Theodore Roosevelt

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4)  Who was Hitler's favourite music composer ?
A) Christoph Willibald Gluck
B) Richard Wagner
C) Frédéric Chopin

D) Niccolò Paganini
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5)  What was the name of Hitler's mother ?
A) Eva
B) Ida
C) Franziska
D) Klara

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6)  What was the name of Hitler's wife ?
A) Eva Braun

B) Hedwig Kramer

C) Magda Ritschel
D) Geli Raubal
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7)  Adolf Hitler died at the age of ?
A) 51
B) 57
C) 56
D) 53
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8)  What was the name of Hitler's favorite German shepherd dog ?
A) Dragon

B) Blondi

C) Melissa

D) Valkyrie
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9)  Hitler was rejected by ?
A) Humboldt University of Berlin
B) Technical University of Berlin
C) Second Viennese Medical School
D) Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts
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10)  During World War I Hitler served as...
A) Leutnant (Lieutenant)
B) Gefreiter (Lance corporal)
C) Hauptmann (Captain)
D) Unteroffizier (Corporal)
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